Fuell Fllow Pre-Orders Open [Urban Electric Motorcycle]

We introduced you to the Fuell Fllow (yep, double-l is how it’s spelled) back in 2019 and published an exclusive interview with Fuell CEO François-Xavier Terny. At the time, the COVID-19 pandemic was still over the horizon, and its impact on business and investment was not even imagined. As it turned out, the pandemic and other factors delayed Fuell’s roll-out of the Fllow electric motorcycle and Flluid electric bicycle.

Fuell Fllow Pre-Orders Open: Price

Now, Fuell has reopened pre-orders for the Fuell.us website. The pre-sale price of the Fllow electric motorcycle is $11,995, with the price jumping to $13,995 after the motorcycles begin being delivered. A $200 deposit gets you a place in line, plus a Fuell x Veldt carbon fiber helmet upon purchase of the Fllow.

Claimed urban range is 150+ miles, with a chassis-integrated high-capacity 10 kWh Li-Ion battery pack capable of charging via CCS fast chargers. Fuell claims the Fllow can be recharged from empty to full capacity using a Type 2 Supercharger in about 30 minutes, or boosted from 20 to 90 percent in less than 15 minutes.

Fuell Fllow Pre-Orders Open: MSRP

Home charging is considerably slower. The standard onboard charger will take 10 hours to fill up the Fuell, with the optional 3.3 kW charger taking 2.5 hours and the available 6.6 kW charger taking just 75 minutes.

There are two available motors. The standard Fllow-1 motor puts out a continuous 15 horsepower, which is plenty for urban users. The optional Fllow-2 motor bumps that up to 47 horsepower for fast freeway users.

Fuell Fllow Pre-Orders Open: For Sale

The claimed torque output is 553 ft-lbs, and Fuell claims a curb weight under 400 pounds. The top sustainable speed is 85 mph, and the urban range is 150 miles.

Traction and launch control manages wheelies and wheel slip to enhance safety when accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds.

The design of the Fllow includes 21 utility and design patents, an axially mounted transverse flux motor in the rear wheel, traction control, walk and reverse assist, two ride modes, ABS, and regenerative rear braking (front brake is by a two-piston caliper on a 300mm disc). Optional safety features include blind-spot detection and anti-collision warning.

Fuell Fllow Pre-Orders Open: $200 deposit

Both wheels are 17 inches in diameter, giving an owner a broad range of rubber options—Pirelli Sport Demon tires are standard.

Seat height is 32.1 inches, with suspension taken care of by an inverted 40mm fork and spring-preload adjustable shock.

To keep the Fllow cutting-edge, the modular construction allows upgrades to the motor, battery pack, fast-charge socket, and connected dashboard. Where a fuel tank sits on a conventional ICE motorcycle, the Fllow has a 50-liter storage area capable of storing a full-face helmet. There are four color options— silver, red, blue, and black.

Fuell Fllow Pre-Orders Open: Connected dash

If you’re wondering about the unusual spelling of Fuell, it’s an acronym for Freedom, Urban, Electric, Love, Life. Of course, it also bears a close resemblance to the name of Chief Technical Office Erik Buell.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date for the Fuell Fllow electric motorcycle and have not seen the finished product. Our story includes photos of concept units and computer renderings of a production motorcycle.

Fuell Fllow Photo and Rendering Gallery