Moose Racing Fall 2022 Apparel Lines Debut: Adult and Youth

The heat is still on, and the Moose Racing Agroid Youth line and Sahara line are ready for it.

For the adults, the heat-friendly Moose Sahara line returns with five new colorways: Blue/White/Black; Orange/Black; Red/Black; Purple/Green; Stealth. The pants run $140 a pair in sizes 28 to 42, while the jerseys fetch $55 and are sized SM to 3X.

Moose Racing Sahara - Fall 2022

The Moose Racing Agroid Youth line of racewear debuted last spring. It now has 15 colorways, with five new colors added for the Fall 2022 line. The Moose Agroid Youth pants start with a mesh chassis, and adds reinforced panels for the inner knees, and a pre-curved shape for a racing stance. The pants come in even-number waist sizes from 18 to 28, and there are three ways to adjust the waist for the desired fit. The pants’ YKK zipper is autolocking to prevent mid-race wardrobe malfunctions. MSRP for the pants is $85.

Moose Racing Agroid Youth - Fall 2022

The matching Moose Racing Agroid Youth jersey is polyester with plenty of airflow. The collar is designed for comfort, while the thin cuffs are stretch-fitted to prevent unwanted movement during riding. Like the pants, the graphics are sublimated to enhance longevity. The Youth jersey comes in sizes XS to XL, and the MSRP is $30.

Moose Racing Qualifier - Fall 2022

The less expensive Moose Racing Qualifier line has four new colorways for Fall 2022: Black/Gray/White; Black/White; White/Blue; Black/Red; Blue/White. Although a budget-friendly line—the pants start at $80 and the jerseys at $30—the graphics on the jerseys are sublimated, and the pants feature three-point adjustment at the waist and a YKK auto-locking zipper. The pants are available in a broad range of sizes—28 to 54 inches—while the jersey can be had in sizes SM to 5X.

Moose Racing SX1 Gloves - Fall 2022

Moose SX1 gloves are designed to be used with the Moose Sahara and Qualifier pants/jersey combo, and are available in adult sizes SM to 3X for $25 a pair, and youth riders have XS to LG sizes available at $23 a pair.

Moose Racing Fall 2022 Apparel Lines Debut: Sahara, Qualifier, and Agroid Youth Racewear, and SX1 Gloves Photo Gallery