2022 Vespa Pic Nic First Look [Have Your Scooter and Eat: 20 Photos]

Vespa continues to develop beguiling special editions of its iconic scooters. The latest innovative interpretation is the 2022 Vespa Pic Nic. Based on the Vespa Primavera platform, it takes the simple act of outdoor dining and turns it into a fashion statement.

July 20 Update: The 2023 Vespa Pic Nic lands in US dealers in August. The Pic Nic 50 has a list price of $4699, and you’ll pay $5999 for the 150c version.

Don’t get the idea that the Vespa Pic Nic is only about style. The modifications to the Primavera make it a functional tool for delivering you and a (potential) loved one to a scenic spot for some Italian bread and Prosciutto di Parma—and maybe something appropriate to wash it all down.

2022 Vespa Pic Nic Special Edition

The Pic Nic is outfitted with a picnic basket mounted on a chrome luggage rack. Not just any basket, this carrier of fine dining is wood intertwined with rattan. Inside is a removable cooler bag that ensures your cold items are still chill when you arrive at your destination.

In the front, you’ll note another luggage rack that has been chromed. It is carrying a blanket, as grass stains will ruin the fine Italian clothing you and your date are wearing to the picnic. The blanket has an integrated brown leather belt that performs double-duty—it secures the blanket to the luggage rack, and serves as a handle to carry the blanket to your remote dining location.

2022 Vespa Pic Nic Scooter

It is certainly worth noting that both the blanket and basket proudly display the Vespa Pic Nic logo.

Beyond the technical features, there are additional styling touches that make the Pic Nic distinctive. The scooter gets its own two-tone seat—the seating area is beige, and the lower rear wraparound seat panel gets a dark brown panel with a unique woven pattern. The passenger strap has an Italian flag belt, and the top of the seat has light gray piping. The dark brown used on the seat is reprised in the footrests’ rubber inserts and the step-through panel.

2022 Vespa Pic Nic Price

Final touches include a special edition plate on the leg fairing, chrome body trim, and gray-painted wheels enhanced with diamond edges.

You have a choice between Verde Pic Nic and Grigio Pic Nic colorways, with a racing stripe on the rear side panels.

We don’t have a price for the 2022 Vespa Pic Nic, though we can tell you that the Primavera 150 75th special edition has an MSRP of $5849. Also, we can’t confirm when, or if, the Pic Nic is coming to the United States. You may have to travel to Italy to obtain one, but we all occasionally make sacrifices in life.

2022 Vespa Pic Nic Photo Gallery