Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls Review [Motorcycle Apparel]

Let’s talk about covering my ass. Plumber-pants can be plain funny or viewed as an attraction. However, on the practical front when riding, I find it distracting if I get that feeling of exposure to the elements as a gap starts blossoming between my jacket and pants. Whether it’s a chilly morning or a ride in the midday sun, this is not desirable. This area of exposure has only really occurred for me this year, as I gained a few pounds, which, of course, can be blamed on COVID rather than my comfort eating and beer-consumption control. And, so I went shopping.

Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls Review: For Sale

Miss Moto, an Australian company, has now come to the USA. I saw a Miss Moto Instagram post of three ladies in riding dungarees—not my usual choice at all—but instead of that country-bumpkin flavor, they had sort of pit-crew appeal. Miss Moto calls them MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls.

You might, like me, be thinking that “dungri” is a cutesy Aussie made-up word. However, it has roots in Hindi—also spelled dongrī. It is a thick, strong, and coarse cotton-based material. By the 17th century, the English adopted the word, morphing it into “dungaree.”

Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls Review: MSRP

These so-named Dungris have a large-zippered front pocket that is an ideal phone pocket. My phone settling in a central place makes my jacket feel better because I’m not shoving a large object into one side pocket of my jacket. There are four other generous pockets for carrying essentials.

The over-the-shoulders straps that keep the bib section on your chest are adjustable and, because the Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri overalls are soft fabric, I don’t feel them on my shoulders at all. The adjustment option, combined with the design where the straps lead into the center of my back, means they don’t slip off my shoulders.

Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls Review: Price

The Irene Dungri overalls feel so amazingly comfortable around the middle because they do not cut in at all. We ladies come in all sorts of delightfully varied shapes and sizes, so I have found some pants have a low-rise or can fit everywhere except the waist area. There is absolutely no fight to get a zip-up and closed over the tummy area. The Kevlar fabric is pliable and flexible; when I pull them on, there’s only a short side zipper. It’s a good idea to have someone hold the bottom of the zipper when zipping up. If there’s no one around, I simply lean my hip against the kitchen counter.

The Miss Moto Irene Dungri overalls have a slim-leg flattering look and good fit. Looking cool does not include a saggy crotch, which can occur with a poor pattern cut. The joy is that the overalls don’t slide down, and they don’t work their way into nooks and crannies where no item of clothing should venture, which can happen when a manufacturer makes the seams too tight on stretchy gear. Belt loops are there should you choose to use them.

Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls Review: Women's Motorcycle Apparel

Underneath, I can choose to wear a strappy vest or a full T-shirt, and the tucking-in goes well, even if your shirt is a bit on the short side.

I usually wear them tucked inside my Joe Rocket Heartbreaker boots. However, they’re not extremely skinny around the ankles, so they can be worn with shorter riding boots. For example, the overalls sit nicely with my Alpinestars Stella Kerry waterproof ankle boots.

With all the usual Miss Moto fantastic safety standards, I felt protected with adjustable position Smooth Ways CE Level 2-rated knee pads, and Kevlar A-rated fabric with a Class AA abrasion rating (second-highest of five levels). However, my initial thought on the bib-and-brace was that I would be challenged to a struggle when I had my own pit-stop. Fortunately, it turns out that going to the loo was no trickier than usual.

Miss Moto recommends that you contact them for help and advice before you order if you are at all unsure of sizing. I feel that the sizing on the Irene Dungri overalls is slightly generous.

Whether for your one and only pair of pants or as an extra-pair treat, I suggest choosing a name-brand pant that is functional and allows you to move freely. The clothing you wear for riding is part of your motorcycle prerequisite kit, so it’s best to research and apply the same diligence you would to your choice of motorcycle. I’m now drawn to wearing my newfound love— Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri overalls. They look great on and off the bike and, for $198, these riding pants are good quality, extremely comfortable, and a protective choice.

Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls Fast Facts

  • Sizes: XXS-2XL
  • Colors: Blue; Grey; Black
  • CE Certification: Class A, EN 17092-4:2020

Miss Moto MotoGirl Irene Dungri Overalls Price: $198 MSRP