Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boots Review | Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boots Review

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boots Review | Women’s Cruiser Boots

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker women’s motorcycle boots tuck a bit of stealthy lift into their cruiser style boot, keeping your feet protected and your legs looking long. While there are plenty of women’s motorcycle boots with tall heels—in both stiletto and wedge styles—the flat-footed sole of the Heartbreaker hides a two-and-a-half-inch internal heel.

Although initially dubious about the Joe Rocket Heartbreaker boots’ comfort, having never learned the art of wearing heels, I was happily surprised. My toes were not pinched nor pressured by carrying an undue load.

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boots Review

Additionally, I did not feel awkward walking in the boots. There is nothing wobbly about the Heartbreaker, and the multi-patterned tread gives the boot a reassuring planted feel both walking, and when you touch down at a stop.

Importantly, the uniform sole provides gives me a more secure foundation—whether riding with footpegs or floorboards—to operate foot controls.

A long flexible suede shin panel running up the front of the Heartbreaker boots provides additional comfort. Shifting and breaking may require small foot movements, but it uses muscles in your ankle, shin, and calf, and you don’t want your boots to constrict you. Also, there is a narrow expansion strip running down the back of the boots, giving a little extra stretch to the calf area.

On quick glance, the Joe Rocket Heartbreaker boots may look like they are made with perforated leather. However, the stamped look is just for aesthetics—there is no venting. Another bit of stylish detail is the subtle filigree work on the heel and outer edge of the boot.