EKS Brand EKS-S Goggles Review [Off-Road Motorcycle Eyewear]

Straight out of the box, most dirt bike goggles feel pretty sweet on your face. The smell of brand-new foam and the crystal-clear view is a great way to start your ride. Unless you’re a factory rider, you’re probably not getting a new pair, or even a new lens, every time you throw a leg over your dirt bike. Neither are we over here at Ultimate Motorcycling, so we were happy to go out and test a pair of EKS Brand’s EKS-S goggles at some favored scrubby off-road trails, as well as on pavement transfer sections.

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The EKS-S goggle is a step up from EKS Brand’s GOX line, with several additional features that improve the well-designed base model. Two of these features are immediately apparent—the outrigger frame, and the detachable nose piece.

Because I usually wear an Arai VX-Pro4 helmet, which is designed with minimal space between the chin bar and the rider’s face, I had to immediately remove the detachable nose guard. This allowed the EKS-S to properly seat inside the helmet’s eyeport. It took less than 10 seconds to pull the plastic piece from the frame, and easily 10 times longer to replace it. If I needed to do this regularly, I expect I’d be able to knock that time down, though most people probably won’t be removing/reattaching the nose piece more than once. If you do, just buy a separate pair of goggles for each helmet.

The new Force-Fit outrigger system is an additional element to the flexible EKS Brand EKX-S frame that enables the goggles to stay in complete contact with my face. There is no distortion gap caused by the strap pulling over the edge of the helmet eyeport, so there is an unbroken snug seal. This makes it pretty much impossible for debris to find its way past the goggles into my eyes.

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The 17mm super comfy foam has three layers of differing density to filter the air and keep dust out, with a final layer of fleece that lays against your face. That last layer is not just cozy on your nose and cheeks. It also wicks sweat and condensation so that nothing runs into your eyes—something I especially appreciate as a contact lens wearer. Along the top of the EKS-S goggles is a vent system using a very fine 100-pores-per-inch reticulated foam to keep dust out while allowing air to flow. This ensures that condensation doesn’t build up.

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Since I’m rarely the pacesetter on the trail—following faster riders forces me to step up my pace—I am usually riding in the dust. That means I really appreciate a goggle that filters as much dust, airborne dirt, and actual debris as possible, while still allowing enough air to circulate so the lens doesn’t fog. This can be tricky whether in summer heat, or in milder conditions when I’m generating enough of my own energy to sweat.

When I pull off the EKS-S goggles and helmet at the end of hot, dusty rides, my hair is damp, but the sweat has not trickled into my eyes. I also had a well-earned layer of dirt on my face, but what was covered by the goggles stayed clean.

Although everyone’s face has a different contour and nose size, the EKS Brands EKS-S goggles fit my face perfectly. The face foam is cut roomy enough so as not to intrude on my peripheral vision. I test the gold mirror lens on my pair of EKS-S goggles, though there are nine other tint options, plus clear. As a blue-eyed rider who is overly sensitive to bright light, I appreciate the edge taken off the glare by the Gold Mirror lens. I can open my eyes wide without squinting, which is better for scouting the trail ahead and picking lines. EKS Brand offers 11 lens color options, including clear.

EKS Brand EKS-S Goggles Review Off-Road Motorcycles

EKS Brand uses polycarbonate lenses that are scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, and have an anti-fog coating. The lenses also have UVA protection to protect skin from premature aging and some skin cancers. However, we’d like to see UVB protection included, as those rays cause sunburn and truly deadly skin cancers (melanoma). Standard tear-off posts are built into the lens, and optical clarity is excellent.

The strap has a pleasingly soft yet substantial feel, along with appealingly textured graphics. Two adjustment buckles in the back allow you to customize the fit, and the range is generous enough to work with any off-road helmet. With three lines of silicone gel on the inside of the strap, once I pull the EKS-S goggles over my helmet and set the strap, it stays where I put it.

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The included carrying bag for the goggles is anti-static, which should help repel dust, and has a pleasing silky feel. It is claimed to be smudge-resistant. My only problem with the bag is remembering to use it rather than just stuffing the goggles in my helmet at the end of the day.

In case you missed it, EKS Brand is pronounced “X Brand,” and the EKS-S goggles are pronounced “excess.” But, if you want to say E-K-S, by all means, do so.

EKS Brand EKS-S goggles are supremely comfortable and transparently take care of your eyes. Once I pull them over my helmet and settle them in place, I don’t think about them again. They keep the dust out, keep the glare down, and protect my eyes from flying debris. Job done.

Photography by Don Williams

EKS Brand EKS-S Goggles Review Fast Facts


  • Black & Silver
  • Flo Yellow, Black, & Fire Red
  • Grey & Silver

Optional lenses

  • “Terminator” Red Mirror
  • Blue
  • Blue Mirror
  • Clear
  • Gold Mirror
  • Green Mirror
  • Persimmon
  • Pink Mirror
  • Silver Mirror
  • Smoke
  • Yellow

EKS Brand EKS-S Goggles: $70