Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans Review: AAA Certified for 300-Foot Slide!

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans Review: AAA Certified for 300-Foot Slide!

In the past, many riders sacrificed the comfort and style of their motorcycle jeans for protection. Unfortunately, I was one of these riders and remained hesitant to test motorcycle denim. That changed last year after trying the Pando Moto KarlDo Kev 01.

Aside from the peculiar name, the KarlDo Kev 01 became my go-to jeans for any type of riding besides touring or a chance of wet weather. These were CE-approved at an A level, meaning they had a 52-foot (16 meters) slide distance before your legs said hello to the pavement. Not too bad.

Then, I learned of the all-new Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 jeans—the first with an AAA rating. This is a race-style rating; the new Boss Dyn 01 material is rated to slide up to 301 feet (92 meters) or about 6.7 seconds—whichever is less. That’s certainly adequate for the street. Still, with a rating like this, how comfortable can they be?

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans price

I found out within a second of putting them on. The slim, mid-rise style jeans fit like a pair of high-quality pants thanks to the super-stretch Cordura 12-ounce denim combined with Coolmax technology. Although an ounce heavier than the KarlDo Kev 1 jeans, I cannot tell the difference in the feel. Due to their more traditional denim style—no flex or mesh panels—these pants are the closest I’ve felt to casual jeans that are built for real-world riding.

I won’t get too technical, but the material is made from:

  • Outside: 69 percent cotton, 29.5 percent nylon, and 1.5 percent elastane
  • Lining: 65 percent UHMWPE (woven plastic), and 35 percent nylon

This combination confuses me, but I know one this—it provides the protection and comfort needed to ride all day and not worry about looking awkward or lack of comfort when off the bike.

I’ve tested these five-pocket Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 jeans for the past three months aboard various styles of motorcycles, from a Ducati Monster to a Ducati Multistrada, plus a few rips on some superbikes and cruisers, and the on-bike comfort remained the same.

Adding to the safety factor is the removable knee and hip armor. This is flexible protection at its best and can be removed within a few seconds. The knee armor can be positioned in two different locations, which allows me to customize the comfort; I used the lowest position, which places the armor about an inch lower than the alternative. I never noticed this protection when riding, though you can feel the hip armor while walking.

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans sizes

Another unique safety feature is a reflective ban when the Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 cuffs are rolled, helping increase your visibility while riding, especially after dark.

Although they have a slim European style, there is no discomfort. The material is stretchy enough, though not so elastic that it feels like you’re wearing jeggings. I’ve worn these multiple times while not riding—that’s how good they feel and look.

Pando Moto also offers many styling highlights. There are no stitches on the front of the jeans, the typical Pando Moto logo embroidered on the left thigh, deep pockets that carry a smartphone with ease, and the metal ring above the right change pocket that I attach keys to.

I’m just under six-foot and weigh 180 pounds, which puts me in my typical 34W/32L size. The Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01s fit true to size.

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans comfort

I know Pando Moto pants remain durable from riding about 1000 miles in my KarlDo Kev 01 jeans. I have about 10 washes on my KarlDo Kev 01s, and the jeans have not faded or lost any stitching.

Due to the same quality materials and construction of the Boss Dyn 01, I know these pants will last for the long term. I have a friend who has about six years of wear on the same Pando Motos, and he had no issues (of course, no crashes in them).

Speaking of crashes, I still can’t believe that a pair of jeans can be AAA certified while being super-comfortable. Of course, I hope I never have to test the 300-foot sliding claim, but it’s reassuring to know that such a certification exists.

Pando Moto has limited distribution in the United States. The Lithuanian country’s products can be had from Beach Moto, Revzilla, and Wind & Throttle.

You can also purchase the Boss Dyn 01 directly from Pando Moto.

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans Ducati

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Motorcycle Jeans Fast Facts


  • Waist: 28-38
  • Length: 32-36


  • Black


  • CE Level AAA


  • Sas-Tec TripleFlex CE-rated knee and hip armor standard

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Motorcycle Jeans Price: $339

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