Pando Moto KarlDo Kev 01 Jean Review: 3 Checks of Approval

Pando Moto Jeans review

When purchasing riding jeans, most motorcycle riders crave three essentials: comfortable fit, maximum protection, and good styling.

The problem? Most riding jeans typically fit into one or two categories—never three.

Enter the Pando Moto KarlDo Kev 01 jean. After three months of riding, these pants have nailed all three essentials, and then some.

I’m not one for super-slim fitted everyday jeans, never mind motorcycle riding jeans. I’m also not one for super baggy jeans, a popular style in the motto market.

Although the Lithuania-based Pando Moto markets these as “slim-fit,” the Cordura denim is naturally super stretchy and soft. This provides all-day comfort, without the annoying feel of tight, stiff denim found in everyday jeans or riding jeans marketed as slim-fit.

The comfort comes from its slim, European styling. Pando Moto’s “hand-made aging” process enhances the styling—these jeans feature that tasteful already-worn look.

Pando Moto KarlDo Kev 01 Jean test

This snug-yet-comfortable fit includes the SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE-rated knee armor. It is slim and accessible from the outside of the jeans and can be positioned in two ways—no more rummaging through the inside of a jean when things get out-of-place while riding. Aiding in the comfort while wearing the knee armor is the extra stretch panels at the back of the knee area.

The Pando Moto KarlDo Kev 01 jeans are also available in both short- and regular lengths. The main difference is that you won’t have to roll the short-length style when wearing riding boots.

I went with the short style, and they fit snugly over my taller riding boots. As for sizing, I typically wear a 34/32 in my everyday jeans, and that’s what I ordered. They fit true to size and haven’t shrunk, even after five washes.

To remain cool during the warmer weather, the KarlDo Kev also features Cordura mesh panel inserts on front and lower leg areas that provide extra ventilation. During the colder months, I simply add an underlayer.

These jeans are protective because of their robust construction. The 11-ounce Cordura stretch denim features Coolmax technology, plus a thick mid-layer of Kevlar reinforced with Kevlar stitching. Additional proactive safety measures are provided by reflective cuffs, and optional hip protectors designed like the comfortable knee protectors.

Thankfully, I haven’t crash-tested the Pando Moto KarlDo Kev jeans. But I know two people who have, including a fellow rider who crashed a BMW R nineT Scrambler on a fire road at about 65 mph.

He slid about 20 feet on the dirt and into some brush and walked away with zero cuts and minimum bruises. The jeans themselves were scrapped, but showed only a small tear in the rear pocket.

The KarlDo Kev 01 has become my go-to riding jean. I’m notorious for wearing the same gear constantly. I still favor one of my old Alpinestars 365 Gore-Tex Leather jacket—one I tested in 2010 and has around 100k miles on it. I can see the same thing happening with these jeans. They simply are that good.

This type of positivity across fit, protection, and styling arrives at a steeper price, so expect to pay $315. Although expensive— even for motorcycle jeans—the Pando Moto KarlDo Kev 01 jeans are well worth it, especially if you’re into long-term value and wear gear until it’s either crashed or doesn’t fit any longer.

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Pando KarlDo Kev 01 Motorcycle Jeans Fast Facts


  • Waist: 28-36
  • Length: 32-36


  • Black


  • CE Level A


  • CE knee armor standard; hip armor optional

Pando KarlDo Kev 01 Motorcycle Jeans Price:

  • €269 (about $315)