Sena Spider RT1 and ST1 First Look: Motorcycle Mesh Communications

The new Sena Spider ST1 and RT1 motorcycle communications devices are the first to exclusively use Sena’s top-of-the-line Mesh 2.0 technology for intercom interaction. The Spider ST1 and RT1 units are directly compatible with the Sena 50S, 50R, 30K, and Momentum Evo devices, along with older Sena Bluetooth components connected to Sena’s +Mesh Adapter. They are not directly compatible with Bluetooth-only intercoms.

Sena Spider ST1 First Look: Price
Sena Spider ST1

The difference between the Sena RT1 and ST1 is simple. The ST1 uses a jog-dial to navigate through the menus, while the RT1 has a three-button interface. Both units can also be operated via voice prompts. HD speakers, a boom microphone, a button microphone, and various mounting options are standard features.

The Sena Spider ST1 and RT1 deliver access to two intercom modes—Group Mesh and Multi-Channel Open Mesh.

Group Mesh allows the creation of a private group of up to 24 riders who can communicate over a range up to five miles from end to end. A device can only be added to the group via an invitation.

Sena Spider RT1 First Look: Price
Sena Spider RT1

In the Multi-Channel Open Mesh mode, anyone in the Mesh 2.0 network can join in. Again, range extends up to five miles should at least six riders be in an optimum configuration in perfect conditions. One-to-one Mesh range is up to 1.2 miles. There are nine frequencies in Open Mesh, so sub-groups can be created within the larger Open Mesh group.

Sena Spider RT1 First Look: MSRP
Sena Spider RT1

Bluetooth 5.1 is used to interface with smartphones. This gives access to GPS directions, music streaming, FM radio, and phone call functions. If you prefer wired earbuds to Sena’s HD speakers, the units have a 3.5mm audio port.

Sena Audio Multitasking software makes it possible for a rider to be in a Mesh 2.0 conversation, and still access the smartphone functions. Music sharing with other members of a Mesh group is possible.

Sena Spider ST1 First Look: MSRP
Sena Spider ST1

Downloading the Sena Motorcycle App to your iOS or Android smartphone allows for easy personalization of device settings. The Sena Motorcycle App also facilitates setting up Open Mesh channels and Group Mesh private groups.

Charging time is 90 minutes to full, which powers over 11 hours of Mesh talk time.Both the Sena Spider ST1 and RT1 have the same MSRP—$199 each.

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