Honda CRF110F EFI Long-Term Test: 11-Year-Old Tested

When we got a hold of the 2019 Honda CRF110F, we were reluctant to give it back. Test rider Ben Karsian was cutting his dirt bike teeth on it and doing quite well. Not only was Ben doing a great job—so was the CRF110F, which was in its first year of fuel-injected goodness. However, all good things come to an end, and as 2021 appeared on calendars, Honda insisted that we return the well-used 2019 to its rightful owner.

Honda CRF110F EFI Test: Price

Carbureted CRF110Fs had proven themselves to be bulletproof. The new EFI version is even better. It was hammered hard, as only a young learner can do, and maintenance was spotty by design. We know that CRF110Fs get abused, as we wanted our test bike to have a real-life experience. It wasn’t going to be coddled like Ken Roczen’s CRF450RWE.

Even with scarce maintenance—Ben did learn to clean the air filter—nothing went wrong with the CRF110F. Every single time, it started up as reliably as a blender. Push the start button, and it fires up and immediately settles into a flawless idle. The EFI is outstanding—goodbye carburetors, we will not be missing your tricky cold-weather starting and clogged jets. The battery never failed us. Still, Ben insisted on kickstarting the CRF110F, just because he could. There was no reason to argue with him.

Honda CRF110F EFI Test: MSPR

In the course of Ben’s education under his father’s tutelage, the Honda CRF110F did suffer some bumps and bruises. The steel handlebars are tweaked into an imaginative bend; we had a flat front tire; the left handgrip came loose (that’s an odd one); the gearshifter is bent a bit in multiple directions; the front fender has deep scratches.

On the upside, all the plastic except for the front fender looks great. The hand and foot brake levers withstood the onslaught proudly, as did the footpegs. Absolutely everything mechanical is sound and works as well as it did on the first day.

Ben went from poking around the parking lot at the riding area to a ride on the big-kid Intermediate (More Difficult, officially) trails on his final CRF110F ride with Editor Don Williams. When Ben came within sight of a group of oncoming experienced riders on Huskys and KTMs, they couldn’t believe he was out on Stage Trail at California’s Rowher Flat OHV Area on a CRF110F. When he arrived at a trail junction, they gave him a hearty round of applause. Earlier, Ben had been shredding Silver King and Texas Trails—both Intermediate class challenges.

Honda CRF110F EFI Test Specs

We were obviously impressed with the durability of the new fuel-injected version of the Honda CRF110F. We can say the same for his Fly Racing apparel, which also went the distance without drama. Without any reservation, we can say the Honda CRF110F is an outstanding way for a young rider to move up the ranks.

Editor’s note: Ben Karsian, 11, is our newest test rider. These are his words following his first ride on the 2019 Honda CRF110F:  

In 2019, I was offered the chance of going dirt biking on the new Honda CRF110F. On a cool, sunny Saturday morning, we took the bike to Rowher Flat and rode around for two hours. My first impression of the bike was how good it looked.

Honda CRF110F EFI Long Term Test

The bike has a sleek and sharp body. It is a crisp blood-orange red, which is also my favorite color. The motorcycle is a four-stroke made by Honda, which is a great company. The bike includes features like a fuel light, electric starter, backup kickstarter, and no clutch, which is great for beginners. The bike also comes with every protective mother’s dream—safety features. It is also loaded with the latest technology.

The second I jumped on the CRF110F, I felt like it was made for me. The Honda feels luxurious and smooth, and is easier to ride than its competitor, the Yamaha TT-R110E.

The motorcycle has great throttle delivery, and I felt comfortable and in control at all times throughout the ride. It is easy to mount, and I could feel the terrain I was on, which made my ride more fun and exciting. Before I knew it, the ride was over, I was hooked on the bike, and never wanted to get off.

Honda CRF110F EFI Test: Fly Racing

Finally, I’ve been on different bikes before, but this is the best, so far. I had a great experience and can’t wait to do it again. So, if you are thinking of getting a 9-to-12-year-old beginner a dirt bike, I recommend you go with the Honda CRF110F.

Here is our original test of the 2019 Honda CRF110F.

Photography by Don Williams


  • Helmet: Fly Racing Youth Toxin Embargo
  • Googles: Fly Racing Youth Zone
  • Pants, jersey, and gloves: Fly Racing Youth Kinetic K220
  • Roost guard: Fly Racing Mini Convertible II
  • Boots: Fly Racing Youth Maverik

2019 Honda CRF110F Specs


  • Type: Single-cylinder 4-stroke
  • Displacement: 109cc
  • Bore x stroke: 50.0 x 55.6mm
  • Compression ratio: 9.0:1
  • Valvetrain: SOHC; 2 valves
  • Fueling: EFI w/ 19mm throttle body
  • Exhaust: USFS-approved
  • Cooling:  Air
  • Starting: Electric and kick
  • Transmission: 4-speed
  • Clutch: Automatic centrifugal
  • Final drive: D.I.D 420 chain


  • Front suspension; travel: Non-adjustable 31mm fork; 3.9 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Linkage-free non-adjustable shock; 3.8 inches
  • Tires: CST
  • Front tire: 70/100 x 14
  • Rear tire: 80/100 x 12
  • Brakes: Drum


  • Wheelbase: 41.9 inches
  • Rake: 25.1 degrees
  • Trail: 2.0 inches
  • Seat height: 25.9 inches
  • Ground clearance: 6.7 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 1.0 gallons
  • Curb weight: 170 pounds
  • Color: Red

Honda CRF110F EFI Long-Term Test Photo Gallery