MP Magic Merino Wool Socks Review: For Motorcycle Riding?

Most of us don’t spend much time shopping for motorcycle riding socks. They’re not something to get excited about—like a flashy helmet or an uber-cool leather jacket—and no one can see your socks in your boots, anyway. But like all undergarments, they are your first line of defense, so they need to be comfortable and functional. But do they need to be motorcycle-specific?

MP Magic Merino wool socks are not designed for motorcycle riders, so why did I bother to test them? What got my attention was their ‘odorless tech.’ That could be very useful, but more about this later.

There’s nothing particularly special looking about the MP Magic Merino Wool socks from a cursory glance. They’re a mid-calf length, thicker on the sole than the top of the foot, with several different weave patterns. Look a little closer, and you’ll notice they are asymmetrical-fit socks. You know, the ones that are marked L and R, so you have to pay one percent more attention when you put them on. Designing anatomically—acknowledging that we have a big toe and a pinky toe—actually makes sense and leads to a better fit. The cuff at the top of the sock is casually snug enough to keep them from sliding down, but without a compression element.

What you won’t know until you’ve tried a pair of MP Magic socks is just how comfortable they are. The Merino Wool socks that I’ve been wearing for the past several months are the perfect complement to my motorcycle boots. They are plush and cozy, and my feet feel decidedly coddled in my boots. Initially, I thought that super soft tactile feel would be washed away after the first run through the laundry—not so. That fleecy touch is still there after a couple handfuls of cycles in the washing machine.

Yes, I’ve only washed them once a week despite commuting to work most days. That’s because the ‘magic’ in Merino Wool socks is the anti-bacterial fabric from which they’re made. While the socks are 82% merino wool, with a touch of Lycra to provide a close fit, the remainder is a proprietary MP Special Yarn that is infused with silver, copper, and zinc. The scientifically proven anti-bacterial properties of these elements resist bacterial growth that causes your feet to smell. Damp or sweaty feet cooped up in boots are the perfect environment for microbes to proliferate.

We’ve all been there, whether from long rides on hot days with little or no venting in our boots, or inclement weather that caught us out on a ride, or simply by splashing through streams while off-road. The longer our feet stay damp and cooped up, the more likely they are to smell when we take our boots off.

Okay, but why have I not been washing them after I take them off each night? MP Magic suggests that one of the benefits of their sweet-smelling socks is that when space and weight are at a premium—such as when traveling, and laundry opportunities are few and far between—one pair of MP Magic Socks might just cover your whole vacation. I thought I would check that out before my upcoming overseas trip.

My regular commute to and from work amounts to about a half-hour each way, so the weekly wearing didn’t stress the Merino Wool socks much. By the weekend, the socks were ready for a run through the washer to freshen them up.

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On the first day of my Morocco trip testing the Triumph Tiger 900 lineup, I was in my boots all day, both walking and riding. By the time I yanked the boots off at night, my feet were damp with sweat, but they did not smell offensive. I laid the socks on the edge of the bathtub to air out.

I did not wear the Merino Wool socks the very next day, as I had some longer dirt bike riding socks for the off-road day of my trip. On the third and final riding day, the MP Magic socks were fully put to the test—a half-day morning ride, followed by an afternoon flight to Paris, an overnight without my luggage, and then an 11-hour marathon back to Los Angeles. My feet stayed comfortable throughout. By the time I pulled my boots off back home, the socks were clearly ready for a trip through the washer, but they did not smell foul.

MP Magic Merino Wool Socks Review - Motorcycle apparel

The Merino Wool socks are not the thickest in MP Magic’s drawer, but they are the perfect balance for my motorcycle boots. I am thoroughly impressed with their ability to handle multiple days in my boots without a wash, keeping my feet comfortable and protected. All I need is a longer sock for off-road boots.

MP Magic Merino Wool Socks Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S-M, L-XL
  • Color: Black, Navy, Grey

MP Magic Merino Wool Socks Price: $19/pair