Royal Enfield Recall For Brake Caliper Corrosion Issue

Royal Enfield Recall For Braking Corrosion Issues - Himalayan

Royal Enfield is recalling 15,200 motorcycles in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Korea for corrosion issues with a brake caliper. According to Royal Enfield, the problem is caused by roads treated with certain salts during the winter to prevent roads from freezing. The models impacted are the INT 650, Continental GT 650, and Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Recall For Braking Corrosion Issues
Royal Enfield INT 650

Royal Enfield motorcycles in the United States and Canada are not part of the recall. According to a Royal Enfield North America spokesman, “Motorcycle models substantially similar to those encompassed in the foreign recall were distributed in the United States and Canada. At this time, Royal Enfield North America has not received any reported instances of corrosion or concerns with unusual brake performance in the motorcycle models at issue in the region. Different usage patterns, conditions, and road salt treatments between the foreign markets and North America, suggest that the concern is unlikely to appear in the North American markets. Royal Enfield North America continues to monitor the markets to determine the appropriate action and will notify its dealers accordingly.”

In the markets where the problem has been discovered, Royal Enfield says that the “issue has been reported only in a small number of cases.”

If the corrosion has caused damage to the brake caliper piston bore and assemblies, it is revealed by an atypical sound during braking. Increased brake drag and a change in braking action are other signs.

Royal Enfield Recall For Braking Corrosion Issues - Continental 650 GT
Continental GT 650

When the motorcycle is brought into a dealer, the part will be inspected and cleaned. If required, any affected parts will be replaced. Royal Enfield will be using an improved caliper on the INT 650, Continental GT 650, and Himalayan motorcycles before the end of 2020.

“We would like to reiterate that the 650 twin motorcycles [and] the Himalayan are rigorously tested to global validation standards of quality and durability,” a Royal Enfield spokesman noted. “The safety of our riders is of prime importance to us at Royal Enfield, and we are deeply committed to the duty of care to all our customers. We are committed to swiftly implement the service action, and customers will be contacted through respective local dealerships.”