Chris Caldovino Interview: Motorcycles, The Mob, and C.C. & Company

Best known as Tonino Sandrelli in the Boardwalk Empire HBO series, Chris Caldovino has had a wide-ranging acting career that also included the memorable role of Billy Leotardo in The Sopranos. In both cases, Caldovino plays a gangster who ends up deceased, though the two characters are quite different.

Chris Caldovino Interview motorcycle
Chris Caldovino (left) with Hani Jawiche. Phot by Rony Peters Photography

Fortunately, Caldovino is alive and well, still acting, and riding motorcycles. Last year, he had the role of Paulie in the highly regarded mob comedy, Made In Chinatown. This season, he is playing Fire Chief Clemente in the This Is Not A Drill episode of the Tommy police television series on CBS. Next up is Oil Run, a feature film where he will play Dominic DeVito, a former Chicago mobster transplanted to Texas.

Now, let’s find out more about Caldovino and his dedication to motorcycle riding.


Ultimate Motorcycling: Birthplace?

Chris Caldovino: Brooklyn, New York.


Current residence?

Los Angeles.


What’s your current ride?

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe.

What’s your dream ride?

I already have my dream ride. I customized my bike. I wouldn’t want any other ride.


What got you involved in riding?

I had a dirt bike when I was a kid, but I hadn’t ridden in many years. My friend David Quane always rode. In 2006, we were roommates in Hollywood when he bought a Harley. I had been thinking about it for a while, but when he got his, I had to!


What type of riding do you do most often?

Mostly cruising.

How about racing? Are you involved in any, or follow any?

No, I never raced. That’s not my thing; I just like taking it easy cruising, and touring now and then.


What is your most memorable motorcycle story?

Best left unsaid!


Who is your most admired motorcyclist, besides Steve McQueen? [LOL]



What is your favorite motorcycle movie?

There are a few that I like, including C.C. and Company—it’s not the best motorcycle movie, but I like it. And, of course, The Wild One. But, I’d have to go with Easy Rider as my favorite.


How has riding influenced your acting?

It actually helped me build concentration in my craft, and taught me how to truly focus.


Have you gotten to ride while acting ever?

No, but I’m hoping to.


What other past times do you do besides motorcycling? 

I like photography, although I’m only an amateur. I also just started teaching an acting class, which I enjoy very much.

Chris Caldovino Interview - motorcycle rider
From left: David Quane, Chris Caldovino, and Terry Fradet

Did you ever participate in huge motorcycle events such as Sturgis, The One Motorcycle Show, or Daytona? 

No, I haven’t. But, one of these days, I’m gonna try to do Daytona or Sturgis.


Is there one motorcycling-related trip or event you’d like to participate in? 

Events and trips are cool. I used to ride with a group of friends, and that’s a lot of fun. They used to have the Love Ride for charity out here in LA every year. I never had the chance to ride in it, but if they ever started it up again, I definitely would.


In as few words as possible, how has motorcycling truly changed your life? 

Too existential! I haven’t wrapped my head around that yet.