2020 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Registration Begins May 15

2020 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Registration Begins

Motorcycle land-speed racers are optimistic folks by nature. They have to be to spend hours working on their bikes, spend the money they do, travel great distances, and take significant risks, just for a chance to set a motorcycle speed record. It is in that optimistic spirit that Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (BMST) Event Director/Owner Delvene Reber has announced the opening of pre-entry for the 2020 BMST to begin on May 15. Reber no doubt understands that the COVID-19 pandemic may still be causing havoc around the country by the time the event is nearing launch, and that it could cause the whole thing to have to be canceled. However, as the old song says, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive.”

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The BMST includes both the FIM Land Speed World Records and AMA Land Speed National Grand Championship. By paying a separate fee to compete in both record categories, competitors have the chance to set world and national land speed records.

“The health and welfare of our Land Speed Racing Family is our primary focus,” a BMST representative tells us. “Through this lens, we are working with key stakeholders on planning for the 2020 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. We are actively assessing information from state and local governments, along with our sanctioning bodies, to be able to produce the premier experience that is BMST amidst the challenging conditions.”

The preliminary planning stages for the 2020 event are proceeding. However, the pandemic’s health considerations could affect the final status of the event.

According to organizers, the 2020 Bonneville Supplemental Regulations are currently with the AMA for final approval and that there are no rule changes that affect classification. However, format changes are being made.

2020 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Registration Begins

BMST event organizers are working towards integrating the land-speed racing supplemental regulations into the 2021 AMA Racing Rulebook to be released alongside the other disciplines at the beginning of each year.

The 2020 Supplemental Rules will be available for download soon, and there will be updates as soon as that is available. For reference, competitors can still view the 2019 AMA Bonneville Supplemental Regulations at the BMST website. 2020 FIM Supplemental Regulations are also due to be revealed.

For those who like fewer rules, there is a Run Watcha Brung class.

BMST will be launching a new website soon, with an announcement to be made on its Facebook page.

2020 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Schedule

  • May 15: Pre-entry opens
  • July 15: Pre-entry discount closes; FIM entries due
  • August 15: Online entry closes (entry on the salt still available after deadline)
  • August 28: V.I.R. (Very Important Racer) pit entry and registration
  • August 29: General entry pits and registration open. Scrutineering opens.
  • August 30 – September 3: Racing
  • September 3: Awards Party
  • September 4: Clean Up Day