Indian Offers Home Motorcycle Delivery: Click.Deliver.Ride Program

Indian Offers Home Delivery - Click.Deliver.Ride - Challenger Dark Horse

You say you don’t feel like going down to your local Indian Motorcycle dealer to buy a bike, so you want it delivered instead? Well, Indian’s new Click.Deliver.Ride program is for you!

Using a web browser to customize a motorcycle you want to purchase is nothing new. However, you generally had to go down to the dealer to pick-up the bike, go through all the paperwork, and figure out how to get it home.

With Indian’s Click.Deliver.Ride option, the transaction can be completed by phone or online. Once that is accomplished, according to Indian, a dealer will bring the motorcycle to your doorstep—though we’re guessing you’re more likely going to want it in the driveway.

“Over the last month, we’ve all had to adjust to a new way of life and have had to alter the ways in which we conduct our business,” Indian Motorcycle President Mike Dougherty pointed out. “Our hope is that Click.Deliver.Ride. will help bring peace of mind to both our loyal customers and our network of dealers.”

You won’t want to hem and haw about this, as Indian tells us that “Click.Deliver.Ride. is available for a limited time only at participating dealers based on applicable laws and is subject to change.” Translation: You snooze, you lose.

Indian Offers Home Motorcycle Delivery - Online
2020 Indian Challenger Dark Horse

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