Gear / Parts Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Review: Work and Play?

Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Review: Work and Play?

Spinning wrenches or twistin’ the throttle, that old glove company has some new looks

 A while back, I discovered that an old American company that made my mainstay riding and work leather gloves going back more than four decades now has some new looks. That company is Wells Lamont, and I told you about it in March, throwing some light on their bedrock cinch-wrist leather work gloves. They were also my motorcycle gloves back in the day and one of their modern updates on that work glove theme.

Wells Lamont Style 7682 Gloves and FX3
Left pair: Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 gloves. Right pair: Hi-Dexterity Style 7682.

In the course of preparing a bit on those gloves, which are Hi-Dexterity Style 7682, I learned from Wells Lamont that the style has been discontinued. I’m glad I snapped up the two pairs in my size that were left at my local store. However, I have since learned that the style is still available from Amazon and Walmart (discounted to $9), and perhaps other online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores, as well.

It turns out that the Wells Lamont website does have the replacement for the Style 7682 glove—the FX3 Style 7807, which claimed Extreme Dexterity. Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of FX3 models, with FX3 short for Fit, Flex, Feel. The FX3 Style 7807 and the 7682 gloves have several features in common—TPR impact protection over the back of the hand and fingers, hook-and-loop wrist closure, plus spandex on the back of the hand and fingers that allows some ventilation and a snug fit.

Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Review - Extreme Dexterity

Unique to this Wells Lamont FX3 glove is the breathable yet water-resistant HydraHyde leather palm that is augmented with D3O antivibration pads. HydraHyde is a tanning process that keeps leather soft after getting wet multiple times. There is a terrycloth brow-wipe patch on the back of the thumbs, and a mild pre-curve built into the fingers. There is a small reinforced tab on the inside of the wrists to assist with pulling the gloves on.

Unique to the 7682 glove is the reflective piping built into the back of the hand, touchscreen-compatible thumb and forefinger, and reinforced synthetic palm, thumb, and fingertips.

Both styles are medium size and, with the spandex back and finger materials, each style fits like a second skin around my hands, which is exactly the way I want gloves to fit. In terms of finger length, the FX3 gloves have fingers that are just slightly longer than the 7682 gloves. In that regard, I prefer the fit of the 7682 gloves because they exactly fit the length of my fingers. That’s not a drawback in terms of the FX3 glove, just the way the sizing works out for me. For other riders, the length may be perfect for them, and it creates no problems in use.

Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Review: Work Gloves
Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Glove

The D30 antivibration pads on the palm of the FX3 work best on bikes with standard 7/8-inch grips. That’s because the pads add some diameter, and the grasp changes with that. It’s not uncomfortable, it just works out in better grip feel on a smaller grip. The 7682 glove works equally well as far as grip on either size grip.

Conversely, the antivibration pads pay off in the work function, such as when I’m running my chainsaw. No motorcycle I’ve ever ridden matches the vibration input to your hands from a chainsaw. For those who would use the gloves to ride and run such equipment, it’s a point to consider.

The interior finish is more refined on the FX3 gloves than in the 7682 gloves. I didn’t note any troublesome pressure points in either style glove, but the interior finger seams on the 7682 gloves are slightly more noticeable in use than in the FX3. Comfort is good overall in each style glove.

Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Review: Moto Friendly

I haven’t used either pair of gloves long enough to fully assess durability in sustained use, for work or play—maybe we’ll get back to you on that down the line. I will admit to deliberately pulling much harder than necessary when putting each type on, just to see if the oft-stressed seams at the internal wrist area would fail. So far, everything has held together. Over time, it will be interesting to see how the reinforced synthetic palm of the 7682 glove compares in durability to the HydraHyde leather palm of the FX3.

In terms of appearance, I think both styles are pretty cool. Looking at each style, I interpreted their designs as naturals for motorcycling and other powersports applications. Wells Lamont offers them as high-dexterity work gloves, but at the end of the day, whatever use the owner wants to put them to is what kind of glove they are. Having used Wells Lamont gloves for both work and play, their products have proven a solid choice for me over the years.

Editor’s note: Wells Lamont and Ultimate Motorcycling makes no claims that these gloves are appropriate safety gear for motorcycle riding.

Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Fast Facts

Sizes: M-XXL

Color: Black

Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Price: $16 MSRP

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