2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 Special Editions First Look (5 Fast Facts)

2020 Triumph Tiger Desert and Alpine editions

There will be two new Special Editions added to the 2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 lineup—the Desert Edition and the Alpine Edition. Both have functional and aesthetic upgrades, with the Desert Edition building on the Tiger 1200 XCx model and the Alpine Edition using the XRx as a base. Let’s take a look at what makes these Tiger 1200s special editions.

2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 Special Editions First Look (Fast Facts)1. Both 2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 Special Editions get two performance-enhancers. It will sport an Arrow silencer made of titanium for lighter weight at the rear of the motorcycle. Incrementally improved handling should come with a more appealing sound output. Also, an up/down quickshifter is part of the package.

2. To give it a distinctive look, the Alpine Edition has unique livery. The paint job is exclusive to the Alpine Edition and goes by the name Snowdonia White. That’s likely a tip o’ the cap to Snowdonia National Park in Wales. We tested the Tiger 1200 XCa a few years ago in Snowdonia National Park, so maybe it’s time for a return trip. Also, it has bespoke Alpine Edition graphics and SE metalized radiator shroud badges.

2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 Alpine Prices
Alpine Edition

3. The Desert Edition also has a look that is exclusive to that model. Appropriately, the paint for the 2020 Triumph Tiger 200 Desert Edition is Sandstorm. Plus, as you would expect, the graphics are also specific to the Desert Edition. One carryover from the Alpine Edition is the SE badges on the radiator shrouds.

4. The features that we love on the Triumph Tiger 1200 models the special editions are based on are all there. That means a 1215cc triple-cylinder powerplant to puts out a peak of 139 horsepower and 90 ft-lbs of torque. The Desert Edition’s motor has five rider modes, with the Alpine Edition going with four rider modes—both in line with the flavor of Tiger from which the special editions are derived. The suspension is by WP, with the fork having electronically adjustable damping and the shock being a semi-active unit. The wire-spoke Desert Edition weighs eight pounds more than the Alpine Edition, with no curb weight claimed by Triumph. At 54 mpg and a 5.3-gallon gas tank, the Tiger 1200 special editions can be good for 275 miles between gas stops.

2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 Desert price
Desert Edition

5. We do not have the price or availability for the 2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 Alpine Edition or Desert Edition. We will add them to the story when they become available.

2020 Triumph Tiger 1200 Special Editions: First Look