2020 Supercross Preview: Will It Be Webb, Tomac, Roczen or A Surprise?

2020 Supercross Preview

We have already presented you with the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross schedule, as well as the cable television and Internet streaming schedule, in case you can’t make it to the stadium. Now, it is time to talk about who might be the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Champion. With what has happened in the last two years, it’s tough to make predictions, but that’s what they pay us the big bucks to do. Let’s take a look at the top riders, in number plate order, in our 2020 Supercross Preview.

#1 – Cooper Webb

Usually, it is difficult to bet against a returning champion. However, Cooper Webb (Red Bull KTM) was an unexpected winner of the title last year. He was on a new team, and hadn’t yet proven himself to be a championship contender. Nevertheless, Webb turned great starts and consistency into the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross championship. While Webb could certainly repeat, it won’t be easy.

#3 – Eli Tomac

It is almost impossible to grasp that Eli Tomac (Monster Energy Kawasaki) has yet to win a 450SX Supercross title. Year after year, he is considered to be among the favorites, yet he always finds a way to come up short. As mentally tough as the three-time AMA 450MX titleholder is outdoors, Tomac’s determination wanders indoors and his consistency suffers. 2020 could be the year—or not.

#4 – Blake Baggett

Plagued by inconsistency, Blake Baggett (Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM) won’t surprise anyone if he wins a race or two. He’ll have a handful of podiums, too. However, a championship would be a shocker—just like the last two years when Jason Anderson and Cooper Webb won. Put Baggett in the Anything’s Possible category.

#7 – Aaron Plessinger

In his rookie year, Aaron Plessinger (Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing) showed flashes of speed. When he didn’t, Plessinger would drop outside of the top 10. Plessinger is coming off some serious injuries, so consider this to be an extension of his rookie year. A podium or two is possible, though I wouldn’t expect much more.

#9 – Adam Cianciarulo

One of the most celebrated riders coming up from the mini ranks, 23-year-old Adam Cianciarulo (Monster Energy Kawasaki) enters the 450SX class without winning a 250SX regional title. Something of a headcase indoors like his teammate Tomac, Cianciarulo tossed away the 2019 250SX West championship with an unforced error, and earlier campaigns were marred by injuries. Cianciarulo won the 2019 Monster Energy Cup in his 450 debut, including beating Tomac in a head-to-head confrontation for the win. Rookies have won the 450SX championship before, and Cianciarulo’s speed is capable of making that happen. However, we all know it takes more than raw speed.

#10 – Justin Brayton

With the retirement of Cole Seely, Justin Brayton was the unlikely recipient of a Team Honda HRC ride. At 35 years of age, Brayton should be a consistent top 10 guy, at best. Last year, Brayton only made the top 5 once.

#15 – Dean Wilson

In a career filled with injuries, Dean Wilson (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) brings a hip badly damaged at the 2019 Monster Energy Cup to A1. Last year, Wilson was a consistent top 8 finisher, but only made one trip to the podium. It seems unlikely that the 28-year-old veteran has much more upside than that for 2020.

#16 – Zach Osborne

After starting his rookie 450SX year on the couch due to injury, Zach Osborne (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) will be anxious to get 2020 off to a good start. Like his teammate Wilson last year, Osborne is a reliable top 8 rider, but a rare podium visitor. Osborne looked strong outdoors in 2019 and, even though he’s now 30 years old, he rides with exceptional grit. 2020 will be all about how much Osborne has progressed in the off-season—he could be a big surprise.

#17 – Joey Savatgy

Having lost his Kawasaki factory ride to Cianciarulo, Savatgy was picked up by JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing for 2020. However, serious foot injuries at an Australian supercross race in November means he won’t be lining up at A1. We will see Savatgy in the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series at some point, but count him out for the title. With nothing to lose when he returns, we should see him on the podium, with a win or two not being unattainable.

#21 – Jason Anderson

After unexpectedly winning the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross championship, things haven’t gone great for Jason Anderson (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing). He rode just three supercross rounds with the #1 plate before going down with an injury. Anderson looked good, though not great, outdoors last year. He is pretty much an unknown for 2020, but he has to get off to a better start than his 14-2-9 run before going out last year.

#22 – Chad Reed

We’re just including Chad Reed (Mountain Motorsports/Honda) out of respect for his two Supercross titles (2005 and ’08). Don’t be shocked if Reed has trouble making the top 10 in the Main Events in 2020.

#25 – Marvin Musquin

Unfortunately, Marvin Musquin (Red Bull KTM) suffered a season-ending knee injury before the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series even got started. Had he been healthy, Musquin would have been a threat for the title. KTM has an empty seat, and we suggest Team Tedder’s Martin Davalos as a replacement. He’s set to ride a KTM anyway, with the only possible problem being Team Tedder’s support from Monster Energy.

#31 – Fredrik Norén

Like Brayton, Fredrik Norén must be pinching himself after getting a factory ride. As a new member of the JGRMX/Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Team, Norén impressed at the end of the 2019 outdoor series. However, Norén has never been a strong supercross racer. Top 10s should be rare.

#51 – Justin Barcia

When Justin Barcia was a 2009 rookie in the 450SX class, pretty much everyone expected he would eventually win a title. It hasn’t worked that way, and injuries haven’t helped. Barcia (Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing) had two stretches of injuries during his 2019 Supercross campaign, to go along with a win at A1. He is still only 28, but Barcia will have to have made massive improvements if he is to challenge for a title.

#94 – Ken Roczen

One of the fastest racers in supercross history, Ken Roczen (Team Honda HRC) has yet to win a title. Having suffered debilitating arm injuries in 2017 and 2018, as well as health issues causing endurance issues in 2019, Roczen has quite a few obstacles to overcome. As likable and fast as Roczen is, he has not won a Monster Energy Supercross race since 2017. You will see him on the podium regularly, and wins are certainly in the cards for 2020, yet a championship for Roczen seems more like wishful thinking than anything else. Without a doubt, though, he could prove that to be spectacularly wrong.

Photography by Will Embree, Rich Shepherd, and Ryne Swanberg

2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Final Standings

  1. Cooper Webb, 379 points (7 wins)
  2. Eli Tomac, 361 (6 wins)
  3. Marvin Musquin, 350 (2 wins)
  4. Ken Roczen, 319
  5. Blake Baggett, 290 (1 win)
  6. Dean Wilson, 223
  7. Cole Seely, 211
  8. Joey Savatgy, 208
  9. Justin Bogle, 171
  10. Justin Brayton, 163
  11. Justin Hill, 162
  12. Tyler Bowers, 155
  13. Justin Barcia, 154 (1 win)
  14. Zach Osborne, 154
  15. Chad Reed, 151
  16. Aaron Plessinger, 123
  17. Kyle Chisholm, 119
  18. Ben Lamay, 113
  19. Alex Ray, 73
  20. Vince Friese, 65
  21. Carlen Gardner, 53
  22. Ryan Breece, 48
  23. Jason Anderson, 46
  24. Chris Blose, 42
  25. Mike Alessi, 37
  26. Josh Grant, 34
  27. Cole Martinez, 29
  28. Austin Politelli, 24
  29. Justin Starling, 18
  30. Malcolm Stewart, 17
  31. Adam Enticknap, 16
  32. Henry Miller, 14
  33. Cedric Soubeyras, 12
  34. Shane McElrath, 11
  35. Charles Lefrancois, 11
  36. Ronnie Stewart, 9
  37. Theodore Pauli, 8
  38. John Short, 6
  39. Cheyenne Harmon, 6
  40. Daniel Herrlein, 5
  41. Cade Autenrieth, 4
  42. Angelo Pellegrini, 4
  43. Tevin Tapia, 3
  44. Casey Brennan, 3
  45. AJ Catanzaro, 3
  46. Scott Champion, 3
  47. Jared Lesher, 2
  48. Heath Harrison, 1

    2020 Pro Numbers for AMA Supercross – 450SX and 250SX

    1 Cooper Webb

    1W Dylan Ferrandis

    1E Chase Sexton

    3 Eli Tomac

    4 Blake Baggett

    6 Jeremy Martin

    7 Aaron Plessinger

    9 Adam Cianciarulo

    10 Justin Brayton

    11 Kyle Chisholm

    12 Shane McElrath

    13 Colt Nichols

    14 Dylan Ferrandis

    15 Dean Wilson

    16 Zach Osborne

    17 Joey Savatgy

    18 Weston Peick

    19 Justin Bogle

    20 Broc Tickle

    21 Jason Anderson

    22 Chad Reed

    23 Chase Sexton

    24 R.J. Hampshire

    25 Marvin Musquin

    26 Alex Martin

    27 Malcolm Stewart

    28 Michael Mosiman

    29 Cameron Mcadoo

    30 Brandon Hartranft

    31 Fredrik Noren

    32 Justin Cooper

    33 Joshua Grant

    34 Tyler Bowers

    35 Hunter Lawrence

    36 Garrett Marchbanks

    37 Martin Davalos

    38 Kyle Peters

    39 Jordan Bailey

    40 Mitchell Oldenburg

    41 Ty Masterpool

    42 Ben Lamay

    43 John Short

    44 Kyle Cunningham

    45 Jacob Hayes

    46 Justin Hill

    47 Lorenzo Locurcio

    48 Henry Miller

    49 Chris Blose

    50 Benny Bloss

    51 Justin Barcia

    52 Austin Forkner

    53 James Decotis

    54 Jordon Smith

    55 Martin Castelo

    56 Justin Starling

    57 Derek Drake

    58 Sean Cantrell

    59 Joshua Osby

    60 Mitchell Falk

    61 Alex Ray

    62 Christian Craig

    63 Jess Pettis

    64 Vince Friese

    65 James Weeks

    66 Enzo Lopes

    67 Jerry Robin

    68 Nick Gaines

    69 Carlen Gardner

    70 Dylan Merriam

    71 Ryan Breece

    72 Robbie Wageman

    73 Chase Marquier

    74 Mitchell Harrison

    75 Coty Schock

    76 Mike Alessi

    77 Kevin Moranz

    78 Jake Masterpool

    79 Isaac Teasdale

    80 Thomas Covington

    81 Anthony Rodriguez

    82 Cade Autenrieth

    83 Jett Lawrence

    84 Jo Shimoda

    85 Cole Martinez

    86 Joshua Cartwright

    87 Ramyller Alves

    88 Logan Karnow

    89 Marshal Weltin

    90 Killian Auberson

    91 Ryan Sipes

    92 Austin Politelli

    93 Blake Wharton

    94 Ken Roczen

    95 Carson Brown

    96 Justin Thompson

    97 Chris Howell

    98 Bradley Lionnet

    99 Brandon Leith