2019 Las Vegas Supercross Preview + Track Map (9 Fast Facts)

2019 Las Vegas Supercross Preview - Cooper Webb vs Eli Tomac
Eli Tomac (#3) vs. Cooper Webb

2019 Las Vegas Supercross Preview:
The Final Conflict – Webb vs. Tomac

Here we are—the final round of the unpredictable 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series. Few would have picked Cooper Webb to be leading the field coming into Sam Boyd Stadium, but that’s where we are. After letting you know above the one-race move to USA Network, we will cut right to the chase and look at the different ways Webb can clinch, or lose, the title.

2019 Las Vegas Supercross Preview - Cooper Webb vs Eli Tomac
Eli Tomac (#3) vs. Cooper Webb
  1. The 2019 Las Vegas Supercross will be shown live on USA Network. The race from Sam Boyd Stadium will be shown live at 9:55 p.m. ET on Saturday on USA Network. If you’re an NBC Sports Gold paid subscriber, you can stream the final round live at 10 p.m ET, as well as Qualifying at 1 p.m. ET.
  1. Only Eli Tomac has a chance to catch Cooper Webb. Everyone else has fallen by the wayside.
  1. If Cooper Webb finishes in P20 or better in Las Vegas, he is the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Champion. That is all it will take for him to clinch the title. If Webb and Tomac tie on points, Webb will win the tiebreaker due to more wins during the season.

    2019 Las Vegas Supercross Preview - Cooper Webb
    Cooper Webb
  1. If Eli Tomac does not win the Las Vegas Supercross, Cooper Webb is the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Champion. Tomac must win to have any shot at the championship.
  1. Put them together Cooper Webb wins the championship, unless Eli Tomac wins in Las Vegas and Webb finishes worse than P20. Realistically, Tomac will need to win and something will have to prevent Webb from qualifying for the Main Event. Another possibility would be Webb will have some sort of mechanical malfunction in the early laps of the Main that would stop him from continuing.
    1. The track has a few twists, and it does go outside Sam Boyd Stadium. Passing will be tough, as there are only three 180-degree corners. There are back-to-back sets of whoops, along with a long start straight and an over-under just past the finish line. Outside, it’s just a big right-hand horseshoe with a single tabletop jump. Unlike the Monster Energy Cup races, there is no Monster Alley. The riders face a long rhythm section when they return to the inside of the stadium.

  1. Joey Savatgy will be the 2019 450SX Rookie of the Year, and he can pass injured Dean Wilson for P6 in the standings if he finishes in P7 or better.

    2019 Las Vegas Supercross Preview - Joey Savatgy
    Joey Savatgy
  1. Blake Baggett can pass Ken Roczen in the standings in Las Vegas, but it is a longshot. Baggett will have to win and Roczen will have to fail to qualify for the Main Event.
  1. Rookie Justin Hill can move into top ten of the standings in Las Vegas. To make that happen, he will have to finish in P16 or better, and beat Justin Brayton by four positions or more. If Hill doesn’t beat Brayton, Hill will have to score 11 points more than Justin Bogle if he wants to break into the top ten for 2019.
    2019 Las Vegas Supercross Preview - Justin Hill
    Justin Hill

    Photography by Rich Shepherd, Ryne Swanberg, et al.

2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Standings (after 16 of 17 rounds)

  1. Cooper Webb, 358 points (7 wins)
  2. Eli Tomac, 335 (5 wins)
  3. Marvin Musquin, 327 (2 wins)
  4. Ken Roczen, 300
  5. Blake Baggett, 274 (1 win)
  6. Dean Wilson, 223
  7. Joey Savatgy, 208
  8. Cole Seely, 194
  9. Justin Bogle, 158
  10. Justin Barcia, 154 (1 win)
  11. Chad Reed, 151
  12. Justin Brayton, 151
  13. Justin Hill, 148
  14. Tyler Bowers, 140
  15. Zach Osborne, 136
  16. Aaron Plessinger, 123
  17. Kyle Chisholm, 109
  18. Ben Lamay, 102
  19. Vince Friese, 65
  20. Alex Ray, 65
  21. Carlen Gardner, 47
  22. Jason Anderson, 46
  23. Chris Blose, 42
  24. Ryan Breece, 39
  25. Mike Alessi, 37
  26. Josh Grant, 34
  27. Cole Martinez, 29
  28. Austin Politelli, 22
  29. Justin Starling, 18
  30. Malcolm Stewart, 17
  31. Cedric Soubeyras, 12
  32. Shane McElrath, 11
  33. Adam Enticknap, 11
  34. Ronnie Stewart, 9
  35. Theodore Pauli, 8
  36. Henry Miller, 7
  37. Charles Lefrancois, 7
  38. John Short, 6
  39. Cheyenne Harmon, 6
  40. Daniel Herrlein, 5
  41. Cade Autenrieth, 4
  42. Angelo Pellegrini, 4
  43. Casey Brennan, 3
  44. AJ Catanzaro, 3
  45. Jared Lesher, 2
  46. Scott Champion, 2
  47. Heath Harrison, 1