Riding Australia & Phillip Island | 10 Fast Facts

Riding Australia & Phillip Island | 10 Fast Facts

Riding Australia & Phillip Island | Tips from Leod Escapes

Thinking about going “down under”? Here are some quick tips.

1. Rainforest curves and coastal runs

There’s so much more to Australia than endless straights across the desolate “Outback”. For pavement curve hunters, aim for the vista filled coastal runs along the eastern coast and southern coast. Also look for the alpine twists of the Snowy Mountains and the misty jungle passes along the great dividing range. For dual sport riders, the menu seems infinite so consult local expertise.

Riding Australia & Phillip Island | 10 Fast Facts2. Reserve flights early and get an “Aussie Attitude”

Start looking at flight 10 months ahead of time for great deals. For those who snivel about long flights, toughen up. Aussies are some of the most well traveled people on the planet, they don’t let a long flight stand between them and adventure.

3. Reserve bikes early

This is the oldest continent on the planet but population is still small compared to it’s size. While there are some good fleets of bikes, there is limited supply. So if you’re considering a tour or doing it on your own, you need to reserve early.

4. Aussie is slang is fun to learn as you go

Forget what you think you know about Aussie words or culture. Australian English is filled with slang you’ve never heard and navigating it is a fun adventure at any bar. Aussies on the whole are quite friendly folks who value humbleness and ingenuity.

5. Stay left every time you get on the road

For those of us used to riding on the right the real challenge is remembering every time to you leave from somewhere to stay left. It’s easy to get on a lonely road after a stop and start ridding on the wrong side… which will turn you into a hood ornament on a Vauxall Maloo.

6. Wallabies are a greater danger to you than snakes and spiders

While the Australian rule of never putting you hand someplace you can’t see is good advice the most dangerous animals to motorcycle riders are Kangaroos and Wallabies. In all the years Leod Escapes has been doing tours in Australia we’ve yet to even see any of the poisonous snakes or spiders. We have however seen Wallabies and Kangaroos by the dozen on the roadside ready to hop right into your front wheel and send you flying into a gum tree.

Riding Australia Motorcycles Tips
7. It’s not all meat pies and Vegemite

The Australian government noticed that a good way to lower healthcare costs was to get Australians to eat better. It’s worked and a great side effect is Australia is now a delicious destination.

8. Accommodations about function not fancy

Australians don’t put much stock in trying to impress with plush refinements. Once you get out of the big cities expect basic amenities delivered with a genuine smile. You’ll be welcomed and you’ll be comfortable but you won’t be pampered.

9. Good on ya Australia

Of all our tours, Australia consistently runs the smoothest and that’s largely due to the Australian attitude. The wide open country means that services can be sparse but those that do exist, do the job right. From food, to race tracks, to absurdly cute animals, even cheap travel souvenirs, the Aussies deliver.

10. How do you want to do Australia?

Obviously at Leod Escapes we have a specialty of tours with track time and Phillip Island is our favorite circuit in all the world. You can see that tour here. If however you want to just sport tour, or do a dual sport adventure either guided or self guided we recommend Compass Expeditions. Nobody knows Australia on two wheels better than Compass. You can find them here: http://www.compassexpeditions.com/tours-by-location/australia/.

So start planning and do something amazing.