Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2018

You can’t set goals without measuring performance, and this is something I do weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to tweak our SEO and content strategies.

One of the most gratifying experiences of looking at so much data is the year-end stats of stories – especially what was most read.

The most popular ones typically shock the Ultimate Motorcycling staff, but year-over-year we see the wide audience we reach, from cruiser to racing fans.

As a matter of competition, which is a super fun game considering we’re all friends across the journalism industry, I don’t expose the raw numbers. But it’s fun to know that the nearly 23,000 UM stories searchable on Google had well over 10 million views.

Before we get into the popular stories, the most visited page by readers in 2018 was the 2019 Motorcycle Previews. This page lists all of the first look pieces for readers, typically in a “fast fact” format that’s easy for reader’s to digest, but still contain all the

From there it’s a mix of evergreen, racing and new bike stories. Though these are the most read, collectively they only take about 3% of Ultimate’s overall traffic.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling Noises1. Top 6 Strange Motorcycle Noises and What They May Mean

An evergreen story – meaning it’s popularity should only grow. This story takes a unique look at some awkward motorcycles noises, and what they may mean.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling Gold Wing Tour2. 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour: DCT Text in Texas Hill Country

We expected to revamped Honda Gold Wing to do well in 2018, and it certainly has – especially for our readers. Here President Arthur Coldwells heads to Texas Hill country to complete some touring aboard the all-new Gold Wing.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling DOT3. Motorcycle Helmet Standards Explained

Yet another evergreen story. People are always searching for what DOT, ECE 22.05 or Snell mean. We got you covered.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling MotoGP4. 2018 MotoGP Calendar

A large part of our readership visits our website for our race coverage – especially We typically upload our results stories before

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling Gold Wing5. 2018 Honda Gold Wing Review

Yes – the Gold Wing speaks again. We said it’d be popular…

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling Dean Harrison IOM TT6. 2018 Isle of Man TT Recap: Winners and Fatalities

This is my favorite racing event of the year, and I try providing as much coverage as possible – especially during the two weeks at the Isle of Man TT.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling CRF450L7. 2019 Honda CRF450L Fast Facts

Honda should have built this bike years ago. And from our reader’s responses, I think many concur.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling winter riding8. 7 Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding

This is another evergreen story I wrote back in 2013. I ride a lot in the winter due to my location in Northeast Pennsylvania. It appears thousands of others like to ride when the temps hover around freezing also.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling FXDR Harley9. 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR-114 First Look

The FXDR-114 is a game changer for both style and cruiser horsepower. This was my pick for best-looking cruiser in Harley’s lineup, and it appears many others share this sentiment.

2018-top-10-stories-ultimate-motorcycling Ninja 40010. 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 First Look

Due to the amazing progress of electronics such as rider modes, ABS and traction control that can tame a motorcycle, the entry-level sportbike segment has grown in displacement size. The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is leader in this segment, and this bike is leagues ahead of the long-standing Ninja 250 – it’s much easier to ride, and will provide more fun because as a rider’s skill increases, they will get more out of this bike.

That’s a wrap on the top-read stories of 2018. Wonder what the top 10 will look like next December?

Thanks for reading!