Crampbuster Cruise Assist For Motorcycles: Review

Crampbuster Cruise Assist For Motorcycles: Review

Crampbuster Cruise Control for Motorcycles

As the saying goes, the best ideas are the simplest, and the Crampbuster cruise assist falls into that category. For less than ten bucks, this ingeniously designed piece of stretchy plastic curls around your throttle grip, allowing you to rest the palm of your hand on the paddle and relax your grip.

As a sportbike rider with long freeway drones to-and-from the fun mountain roads, the Crampbuster is a boon on the ride home at the tail end of a 250-mile ride when my hands are fatigued.

Crampbuster Cruise Assist For Motorcycles: ReviewThe smart design ensures that when twisted, the Crampbuster tightens on the throttle grip, which prevents the Crampbuster from slipping. To adjust the paddle angle, you then rotate it in the opposite direction away from you and the Crampbuster moves easily.

I found that the best place for the Crampbuster is at the far outside of the grip, so that it doesn’t interfere with my hand in normal riding. If necessary, it's easy to twist it away completely. On a sportbike where even small throttle inputs can have big repercussions, you must be a little careful that the Crampbuster doesn’t interfere.

The model I use is the CB3, which is a typical choice for a Japanese sport motorcycle. The CB3 has the narrowest paddle for maximum handgrip room when not using it, and an oversized twistgrip diameter (compared to small bikes and scooters).

Touring riders will likely prefer the wider CB4, with custom touring mounts being a perfect match for the CB4 with a chrome finish. For motorcycles with standard grips, Crampbuster offers a narrow (CB1) and wide (CB2) option, with pink as a color choice for those who prefer the CB2.

Regardless of the model or finish of Crampbuster, the price remains the same—$10, with free shipping and discounts for multiple purchases.

The Crampbuster is a brilliant idea—exquisitely simple, dead cheap, and it works flawlessly.