TrakBrand Light Covers Review: Simplifying Track Days

TrakBrand Light Covers Aprilia

TrakBrand Light Covers Review

Heading to the track is a joyous experience for sport riding enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its drudgery along the way. There’s a lot of work that goes into making a machine ready for a track day and passing technical inspection.

You must make sure your motorcycle is in perfect working order and, of course, you’ll have to tape up your headlights and mirrors. Fortunately, there is a faster way to get the job done with TrakBrand Light Covers.

Most track day organizations require riders to tape the headlights, taillights, blinkers, and mirrors of their machines. For as long as I’ve been attending public track days, I’ve always called upon ol’ dependable blue painter’s tape.

TrakBrand Light Covers YamahaTaping up headlights can be an incredibly time-consuming process. While meticulous riders make sure their lights are covered perfectly and trimmed out with an X-Acto blade, at the end of the day it’s still a headlight wrapped in blue painter’s tape and certainly detracts from the bike’s looks. Worse yet, lower grade tape will tear apart, making removal an annoying task.

TrakBrand has answered the track day junkie’s call with its easily installed light covers, giving the everyday rider that full-factory World Superbike look.

Designed to work with your exact make, model, and year of your motorcycle, TrakBrand Light Covers are cut to exact dimensions and can be installed on your OEM fixtures in minutes.

Made from a durable, UV resistant plastic wrap, TrakBrand Light Covers will suffer the environments without becoming brittle and difficult to remove. In fact, it’s the same material that you see every day on vehicle wraps.

When the track day is wrapped up, you can peel TrakBrand Light Covers off quickly and in one fell swoop – with no icky adhesive residue left behind. Your machine will be back to being street legal in a minute or two.

TrakBrand Light Covers ApriliaWe made use of TrakBrand’s light covers during our comparison of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE and Honda CBR1000RR SP. At the time, TrakBrand didn’t offer light covers for the new CBR, so, sadly, it didn’t look nearly as cool in photos. We also didn’t get as many compliments while in the paddock—a grave injustice, indeed.

When aboard the Kawasaki, confetti was thrown into the air, and the seas of adoring fans parted every time we exited the garage. Men and women all wanted us to father their children, all thanks to TrakBrand Light Covers. (Dramatization: none of that happened.)

A single set of light covers will set you back $15, or you can pick up a four-pack for your machine for $50. It’s a good investment if you know you’ll be hitting the track in the future and will be removing the light covers to head back into the streets.

Also offered are light covers with graphics to match OEM light fixtures. If you’re running race fairings or racing in MotoAmerica, you can pick up a set of TrakBrand Light Covers and pair them with your race fairings for that full-factory appearance.

Sure, you could work on your riding technique and lower your lap times, but who will look cooler in photos at the end of the day? You will, or, more accurately, your bike will.

Currently, TrakBrand offers light covers for Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, and Yamaha with more brands and bike models always being added.

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