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Eastern Bobber Custom Cycle Bone X: Exclusive Builder Interview

Eastern Bobber Custom Cycle Bone X: We Speak With Omar Jumiran

Growing up in the United States and building custom motorcycles has its own challenges. Still, it’s quite another thing to be born in Malaysia with the unique dream of creating two-wheelers of exquisite individuality.

“I was interested in the two-wheel scene when I was a child. They were like magic to me,” Easter Bobber Custom Cycle’s Omar Jumiran explains. “My childhood was not so happy because I was always talking about weird things and motorcycles. I wanted to be something different from others—even my shoes. People couldn’t accept my fantasies, but I feel like I can speak through motorcycles. This is from my inner being.”

Eastern Bobber Custom Cycle Bone X builderOmar (Malays are traditionally addressed by their first names) got started on a two-stroke 70cc Suzuki moped. “I put some color on it, because I didn’t want something ordinary. Because I loved the bike, I started building something for my bike. I was just nine years old.”

Omar went on to create his first true custom motorcycle in 1990 from a Suzuki GT100 two-stroke with a rotary valve intake. “It was chopper style,” Omar says, “I rode that project around my country—it took five days point-to-point. I was very excited at the time—happy because my creation was successful and able to make a long journey.”

Eastern Bobber didn’t get started until 19 years later. After experimenting with his own motorcycles, Omar developed the confidence needed to take on customers.

The custom motorcycle market is limited in Malaysia due to government restrictions, to the consternation of Omar. He points out that Malaysia is “not the same as Thailand and Indonesia. They started earlier than us. But now we are out to prove we are the best in Asia.”

Since 2009, Omar has built 150 custom motorcycles. Although he has a wide range of capabilities—chopper, bobber, board tracker, café racer, streetfighter, street cub, and more— Omar says his main interest is bobbers.

Eastern Bobber Custom Cycle Bone X locationBone X is Omar’s crowning achievement to date. It was awarded 2nd place in the prestigious and ultra-competitive Freestyle class at the 2018 AMD Championship of Custom Bike Building in Cologne, Germany. The road to AMD came through a winning build at the Motonation show in Kuala Lumpur last year.

Most striking is the symmetry of Bone X. With single-side dual-arm suspension at both ends, at a glance it is difficult to tell if Bone X is coming or going. “This arm, as you know, is first in the world—but please let me know if I’m wrong,” Omar says, adding a caveat. “I don’t know if somebody else did this type before. As I told you, I want to be different—totally different than other. The Dodge Tomahawk suspension is a bit of inspiration for this idea.”

“When I drew the suspension, I was just thinking this type is only for show. Now, I think we can do some upgrades. I call this an SSDA—single side dual arm. Maybe BMW Motorrad is interested in buying the rights from me,” Omar says with a laugh. “Who knows?”

Another standout on Bone X is its engine—a 1961 AJS 350cc single. While it may seem like a stroke of genius by looking at the result, it came to power Bone X by chance.

“The AJS engine was not my plan when I drew the motorcycle while working as a custom builder in Abu Dhabi,” Omar reveals. “I choose the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. But, my friend offered me the AJS 350 motor for this project, so I changed it. I choose the classic engine because I want this bike to look futuristic, but built by people in the 1950s—the combination of two centuries.”

Eastern Bobber Custom Cycle Bone X priceWhile Bone X may look like purely a show motorcycle, Omar has ridden it. “I’m really surprised because for the first time this type of suspension has been built, it has a good result,” Omar reports. “It runs smoothly, turning good, and I can ride without hands very perfectly. I’m so glad about the result.” Top speed is about 60 mph, but Jumiran says riding Bone X is more about feel than performance.

Bone X runs on 21-inch Firestone tires mounted on 21-inch CNCed aluminum billet rims. Slowing down the bike is a pair of modest seven-inch discs and single-piston calipers.

Without question, Omar is a self-made man rather than a project of extensive education. “I have no good education—just secondary third year for exam, and I run away from there. Certificate means nothing to me,” he says. “This is my destiny, I think. But, I’m very proud of myself. Now I prove it—I’m the best compared to people who have a certificate! Certificate, for me, is just paper—not really showing who you are.”

Omar’s dedication to art is similarly informed. “I love everything about art, even when I don’t know its meaning. I’m very appreciative of people who work with art. That’s my inspiration. And women of the entire world—that’s my inspiration also. My conscience always said, ‘How good God created women for us.’ In this case, please look at Bone X crankcase on the ride side of the engine. The story is there.”

Eastern Bobber Custom Cycle Bone X chormeBone X took eight months to build, and another ten months for finishing. “The biggest challenge was chroming and detailing. Building the raw bike is much easier than finishing and detailing. To be honest, I don’t really feel good about the finish. I begged for money from my friends and family for this project. I needed more time and money, but what can I do?”

While Bone X is a personal bike of Omar’s, it can be had with the right offer. “Bone X is my baby—a symbol of the level I am standing at—my pride, also,” Omar Jumiran says. “But, if somebody wanted it at a good price, I will sell it and build another Bone. Maybe Bone Gen2 or something!”

Photography by Onno “Berserk” Wieringa

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