Spidi Armakore Motorcycle Jacket Review & 4Seasons Pant

Spidi Armakore Motorcycle Jacket for sale

Spidi Armakore Jacket Review

The Spidi Armakore jacket is by far the most technical piece of gear currently in my closet. Loaded with features that will keep adventure and touring riders happy through all four seasons, the Spidi Armakore jacket is built to adapt virtually any condition.

Designed to be paired up with Spidi’s 4Seasons pant, there isn’t much that Mother Nature could throw at you where you wouldn’t be covered.

Spidi Armakore Motorcycle Jacket for sale The Spidi Armakore jacket’s laminated Tenex nylon exterior shell is your first wave of defense against rain—should you get caught out in light rinse, it will do a good job of keeping you dry. Better yet, it won’t absorb water, so you won’t be lugging around a soaked jacket at the office or on your motorcycle trek.

Spidi has employed several key factors for protection that deserve some attention. Taking care of blunt impacts is Force-Tech CE-rated armor in the elbows and shoulders. Additionally, riders will find Superfabric on the shoulders and elbows, allowing for a greater level of abrasion in and puncture resistance in high impact zones.

If you’re still looking to increase the Armakore’s level of protection, the jacket can be upgraded with a CE Level 2 Spidi Warrior L2 back protector ($70) and the CE Level 1 Spidi Warrior Chest protector ($60).

Keeping you cool is a soft, sweat-wicking mesh liner. It’s a fine detail to this jacket and, with the awesome amount of venting, managing your temperature is a breeze.

Spidi Armakore Motorcycle Jacket Features

The Armakore’s biggest strength is venting—two sizeable chest vents can be zipped down and tucked away neatly, providing tons of airflow when riding in the hotter months.

Extending from the wrist to the bicep are zipper vents. To help fine tune fitment, Spidi has included two adjusters on the arms and two on the torso, allowing you to make sure you have a snug or loose fit to your taste. The bicep and forearm adjusters keep everything cinched down; in the event of an accident, the jacket won’t come apart.

With two-way zipper, you’ll be able to have as much or as little airflow as you’d like. It does wonders when you’re in 85+ degree weather.

Rounding out the venting is a massive vent on the back. With this open, you’ll get great airflow through the jacket. Also found in the back-vent pocket is a hanger for a Spidi Hydroback bag, or your preferred hydration pack.

With that much venting, one would think that its waterproof capabilities would be compromised, but that isn’t the case. Each YKK zipper has rubber gaskets to ensure that water doesn’t leak through the outer shell. Having worn the Spidi Armakore in some decent weather, they certainly do their job.

Riders who brace all seasons will face heavier storms and the Armakore is equipped with Spidi’s removable H2Out waterproof liner to keep you dry. In just a few minutes, the liner can be installed or removed thanks to its easy-to-use snaps. Having tested this in an uncharacteristically stormy San Diego during my test of the 2018 BMW G 310 GS, I can say that it works well.

A warming liner makes up the Spidi Armakore jacket’s next line of defense against the elements. If you happen to push your two-wheeled adventuring well into the winter months, you’ll be glad you have this at your disposal. It can work with or without the H2Out waterproof liner and will keep you toasty. In both cases, each liner’s collar extends up the neck, giving you an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Spidi Armakore Motorcycle Jacket MSRP

There is storage aplenty with this year-round piece of kit. Internally, there are several net pouches to store any small items you might have about you. You’ll also have a napoleon pocket, allowing you to keep any precious valuables stowed away safely. At the rear, a single pouch style pocket is available, and makes a handy place to hold the H2Out or warming liner if you lack storage on your bike or person.

Externally, you’ll have four pockets, two of which are waterproof-lined so that you can store your cell phone or other electronic devices safely. Typically, I use the internal Napoleon pocket, but in a true downpour, I might opt for the protection offered by a waterproof liner.

Movement is another great feature packed into the Armakore. Thanks to Spidi’s proprietary Flex Tenex material at your shoulders, allowing a greater range of movement out of your arms. Whether you’re sitting in the saddle and slogging to work or standing up on the pegs and hitting your favorite trail, you’ll be able to move well.

Spidi Armakore Motorcycle Jacket Review

This jacket can be paired with a set of riding pants by a zipper connection. Spidi matches the 4Season H2Out riding pant ($400) with the Armakore, which features loads of venting and an H2Out waterproof liner. A warming liner is the only thing the pants are missing to make it a truly four-season piece set. However, using a base layer will do the job in most cases.

To truly tackle all four seasons of riding, without spending hand over fist for adventure and touring gear, something like the Spidi Armakore jacket and 4Seasons pant should be on your research list. The Spidi Armakore is one of the most versatile jackets in Spidi’s arsenal and will allow you to quickly adapt to any riding situation, rain or shine.

Action photography by Kevin Wing

Spidi Armakore Jacket Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S-4XL
  • Colors: Black; Yellow Fluo
  • Spidi Armakore Jacket Price: $600 MSRP

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