Aprilia RSV4 Factory Works Project Expands: Winglets and 215 HP

Aprilia RSV4 RF Factory Works FW Kit
Aprilia RSV4 RF with Factory Works kit

Aprilia RSV4 Factory Works for 2017/2018 RSV4

In December 2016, Aprilia announced the expansion of its Factory Works (FW) kits for RSV4 platforms.

These Factory Works kits, which were first introduced in 2015, featured:

  • RSV4 FW-GP (radical $80K+ model based on MotoGP RS-GP prototype with pneumatic valves)
  • RSV4 FW-SBK (215 horsepower, APX2 ECU)
  • RSV4 FW-SSTK1 (204 horsepower, APX2 ECU)
  • RSV4 FW-SSTK2 (201 horsepower like base RSV4, Race Version ECU)
Aprilia RSV4 RF Factory Works FW Kit
Aprilia RSV4 RF with Factory Works kit

Basically, you choose what you want based on how much you can afford, from the $18,000 SSTK2 to the $80K+ GP Kit.

For 2018, Aprilia has once again expanded the Factory Works program for the updated RSV4 RF and RR (2017, 2018), but with a simpler package.

Following are the essential Fast Facts about the new RSV4 FW kits (price has yet to be announced).

1. For the 2017/2018 RSV4 RR and RF superbikes, the kit maximizes engine power and cuts some weight, and, if added, additional aerodynamics from a side fairings with winglets.

2. The Factory Works engine produces 215 horsepower. Updates to the incline include single-groove pistons with surface treatment, new cylinder heads with machined intake and exhaust ducts; upgraded springs and valves; and camshafts with surface treatment to reduce friction.

3. An Akrapvoic exhaust and dedicated race ECU allows the engine to produce the maximum 215 horsepower.

Aprilia RSV4 Factory Works Project Expands: Winglets & 215 HP

4. Weight was shaved by 22 pounds due to the use of a lithium battery and a new fuel tank. Aprilia says the new tank has the same shape and material as the original, but made using a refined production method that reduces the weight by about 3.3 pounds. The rest of the weight savings arrive from full Akrapvoic exhaust system, various carbon-fiber bits and the billet upper steering plate.

5. Optional side fairings with winglets are available. These were designed through Aprilia Racing Team Gresini MotoGP efforts, and enhance bike stability at speed.

6. All else is race-designed Aprilia RSV4 performance. To read our review of the updated 2017 model, visit 2017 Aprilia RSVR RR and RF Review.