Nate Kern News

BMW Motorrad Motorsports Advisor and Test Rider Nate Kern claimed two national championships during last weekend’s American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) races at the 13th Annual Barber Vintage Festival.

Battling against superbikes producing more than 200 horsepower, the New Jersey native took home a first-place finish in the Battle of the Twins (and the national championship). His second-place finish in the Sound of Thunder II earned him the Sound of Thunder II National Championship First place trophy for the year).

Nate Kerns on R nineT at Barber Vintage Festival
Nate Kerns on BMW R nineT

Both titles were won aboard his 112-horsepower BMW R nineT.

“Such an incredible race season for Kern and his team onboard his trusty BMW R nineT,” commented BMW HP Race Support Engineer Steve Weir. “Two national championships, a box full of wins, and some serious bragging rights on a bike that was truly designed for fun in the sun, canyon runs with friends and Sunday lunches. Or is it? I think it’s a successful merging of heritage and lifestyle with motorsports.”

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