2017 Fall Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Café Racer Run

The event that marks the beginning of the end for the Upper Midwest’s 2017 motorcycle riding season, the Fall Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Cafe Racer Run, will take place in southern Wisconsin on Sunday, October 1.

It is nowhere as big as Sturgis, but nowhere as small as a freelance, un-sponsored (unless you count the Slimey Cruds themselves) event would normally be.

2017 Fall Slimey Crud Cafe Racer Gang Run: TriumphIt all starts whenever you feel like it, ambles across the Wisconsin River valley from Pine Bluff, Wis., in Dane county to Leland in Sauk county along any route you like, and ends when you feel darn good and ready.

In recent years the event has seemed to get a little bigger with each running, which includes a run on the first Sunday in May and the first Sunday in October. Of course, there’s no way to predict the turnout, since there are no fees to pay, no advance registration required, no membership of any kind required, no road captains and so on.

The only requirement is for folks to ride safe, take it easy and have a good time. Oh, and check out the huge variety of riders and bikes that make the run.

We need not go into a lot of detail here. We can provide a look at some of the events of the past and you’ll get the picture if you haven’t done the run. Here are some links—see you there:

Photos from previous Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Cafe Racer Runs