2016 Slimey Crud Run | Top 10 Bikes/Trikes/Sidehacks

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Honda Cafe Racer
Honda Cafe Racer

Spring 2016 Slimey Crud Run Top 10

Despite cool temps, cloudy skies and spotty fog and drizzle, a massive crowd of riders of all types made it to the spring 2016 Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Café Racer Run.

Founded by the Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang shortly after the creation of the Mayan Calendar, it has a flavor all its own and is probably the largest non-sponsored, unofficial motorcycle event in Wisconsin. The event takes place the first Sunday of May and first Sunday in October each year.

In keeping with our well-worn tradition of giving you an insider’s look, we again offer our top-10 best bikes/trikes/sidehacks of the Run, in no particular order. As in the past our categories and the criteria used to judge the top picks are arbitrary, subject to change without notice and pretty meaningless. The winners get nothing but the satisfaction of being picked and there may be darn little in that, too.

Best Stinkwheel Triple

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Suzuki GT380 Tripe
Suzuki GT380 Triple

Suzuki 380s don’t show up that often and seeing one in near-new condition is a real treat. Offered in North America only from 1974 to 1977, these little two-stroke triples proved in the view of many to be more practical, well-handling road bikes than the Kawasaki 350 two-stroke triple. Whether that was the case probably depended on the rider. In any case, this superb Suzuki GT380 copped a parking spot conveniently located right in front of the world famous Sprecher’s Bar in Leland.

Best Harley-launched Cruise Missile

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Harley Cruise Missile
Harley Cruise Missile

In the world of hand-built custom motorcycle add-ons, this side hack has to be one of the best. Equipped with vertical stabilizer and a wing on the starboard side and sleek aerodynamics, this rig looks ready to take flight, though the hefty Harley power source may keep the thing pretty well grounded.

Best Chromed-out Bobber

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Triumph Bobber
Triumph Bobber

This Triumph hard-tail bobber had a lot of people stopping to admire it—and themselves in its lavishly chromed tank. This was an essential motorcycle with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s a good thing the sun wasn’t out or half the crowd would have gone blind looking at this thing.

Best Micro-Sportbike

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Yamaha YSR
Yamaha YSR

Knee-high to a grasshopper this little Yamaha rolled into Leland with a full-size rider aboard.

Best Café Racer

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Honda Cafe Racer
Honda Cafe Racer

This Honda best captures the true spirit of the Café Racer Run. This silver missile looks ready for a go at COTA!

Best Honda CX500 Bobber

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Honda CX500 Bobber
Honda CX 500 Bobber

Each year somebody shows up for the run with a slick, trick adaptation built on Honda’s famously quirky CX500. This year’s top CX500 was John Leffler’s 1978 bobber. He admits to not being a high-powered mechanic, but did all the work resulting in one cool ride. What’s more, it’s no around-town-only machine; he’s been to the east coast from his home in Mukwanago, WI with it.

Best Scrambler Café Racer

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Honda CL350 Scrambler
Honda CL350 Scrambler

Some may argue that a scrambler and a café racer are breeds apart and lest some sick mutant result, should never be allowed to mate.   This beautiful Honda CL350 brings out the best of both, disproving the nay-sayers.

Best vintage Brit Bike

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Norton at Slimey Crud
Norton 850 Commando

This spotless Norton 850 Commando looks like its speeding standing still. The new Nortons will have to go some to look as good as this one.

Best Accessory Lighting

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Harley Light Show
Harley-Davidson Light Show

At first glance, these Harleys representing the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department and Sauk Prairie Police Department look like any other Harley dressers. That is, until they show you their massive accessory lighting, which is proven to literally stop traffic.

Best Vintage Japanese Bike

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Honda CB200
Honda CB200

Honda replaced its beloved 175cc twin with the CB/CL 200 model in 1974. Some authorities were critical of the 200 models, saying they actually didn’t match the performance of the old 175. Maybe, maybe not. Time has elevated both to some level of classic status and this immaculate CB200 looks ready for the bike show, as well as the Crud run.

Honorable Mention—Best Vehicle for Flyin’ Low

2016 Slimey Crud Run | Flyin' Low
Flyin’ Low?

Flyin’ low can be hazardous to your health on a motorcycle, so we were very pleased to see that the nice folks from Fly High Wisconsin were on hand with their helicopter to offer a safer alternative. That’s right—they were offering helicopter rides for those who just can’t get around the Sauk county countryside fast enough.



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