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iXS Ridley Motorcycle Jacket protection

iXS Ridley Review

Swiss apparel manufacturer iXS has added a fine addition to its already developed retro lineup of motorcycle gear – the iXS Ridley. Made out of an ultra-soft cotton and polyamide blend, at first glance the Ridley could easily pass as a stylish, vintage jacket more in line with common street-wear. But with its white lining across the shoulders and down the arms, the Ridley has a lot more going for it than just snappy looks.

Digging a bit deeper into the Ridley, we find an integrated waterproof and breathable SoltoTEX Zliner membrane that helps it on the waterproofing front. It also features a removable thermo liner for those colder riders. Having put the Ridley to the test in San Francisco, I found it to be suitable for all riding weather. From the chilly mornings to the mild afternoons and into the windy bay area evening, I was fine all day. If things were to get hot, losing the thermo lining is a great way to cool down – and once I was back in Southern California in some 80 degree weather, I did just that.

One of the key features you’ll notice when picking up the iXS Ridley is the dual zipper that creates a gutter for any water to run down. The jacket folds over, creating a perfect exit for any liquid.

In terms of protection, the Ridley arrives with YF for men (602/603) and women (602) shoulder and elbow protection that are in accordance with EN 1321-1 specifications. Both points of protection are hardly noticeable. Movement isn’t obstructed, nor is there any binding. Additionally, it really isn’t visible so the iXS Ridley can still easily blend as a common jacket when in public. If we have one criticism of the Ridley it’s that it does not come with a back protector, however, iXS offers one.

Hip adjustments allow for fine tuning, and the jacket features three external pockets, two internal on the thermo lining and two on the fixed lining. The Ridley wisely has a smartphone pocket on the internal lining, something that I always appreciate and made use of immediately. Along with plenty of space for keys, wallets and whatever daily items are needed.

The iXS Ridley has been my go-to jacket when getting things done around town, heading out for a more relaxed ride, or wearing it in lieu of a traditional jacket. For a bit more aggressive riding, say a “spirited” run through the canyons, we’d suggest using something with greater abrasion protection. But for everything in-between, the Ridley scores high marks across the board.

Available both in male and female variants, something that iXS does with a considerable amount of its line, the Ridley has an MSRP of 239 and arrives in two color choices: Blue-Beige or Dark Grey-Ivory.

For more information on the iXS Ridley and how to order, please iXS.


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