Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots Review | Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots price

Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots Review | Commuter Motorcycle Boots

The Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP women’s motorcycle boots are a great balance of function and comfort, making them an ideal commuter boot, as well as a casual weekend warrior’s riding footwear.

The leather exterior is inset with an accordion-style microfiber panel across the lower shin—both front and rear—for flexibility, making the Tempest Lady a very friendly walking boot.

I appreciate that, as I have to hike down the steps of the parking garage across a busy alley, then up several flights of stairs (the elevator takes too long) before getting to my office.

Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots Review

Several times I have found myself still wearing the boots at lunch as a colleague waylaid me with some urgent request upon arrival, and I never had time to change. Yes, the Tempest Lady Ds are forgettable in the very best sense.

Sliding into the Tempest Lady boots is quick via the non-traditional zipper-on-the-outside—dirt-bike style—closure. Once the seven-inch zipper has been pulled up, you can adjust how snug the top third of the boot closes around your leg with hook-and-loop panels on both the inside and outside of your leg. I particularly like this feature as it gives more room to adjust the tuck of riding jeans or leather pants comfortably around my shins and ankles before I customize the fit.