Marco Simoncelli Tribute Apparel

Marco Simoncelli Tribute Apparel: Benefits Motorcycle Safety FoundationTo raise awareness for motorcycle safety and to pay tribute to fallen MotoGP hero Marco Simoncelli, Atlas Ink Designs and a few close partners have teamed up to create a series of “Marco” themed clothing. The Marco Simoncelli Tribute apparel will be on sale while supplies last, with all the proceeds being donated to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Simncelli was an amazing human being, and lived with an infectious love for life. It was nearly impossible to do anything but laugh and smile until your face hurt when him around. But the one thing he loved even more than making other people laugh was riding his motorcycle in ways, and to places, mere mortals could hardly fathom. Marco famously said, “You live more on a motorcycle going fast for five minutes than some people do in an entire lifetime!”

This is why, to celebrate what would have been SuperSic’s 30th birthday, we are releasing a new line of Marco-themed clothing, the proceeds of which will go to the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) under the donor name: “SuperSic’s Big 3-0.”

Marco Simoncelli Apparel available for purchase are:

  • Premium Unisex T-Shirt, Men’s sizes: S-XXL, colors: White, Black and Grey. ($29.99)
  • Premium Unisex V-Neck, Men’s sizes: S-XXL, colors: White, Black, and Grey. ($29.99)
  • Women’s Slim-Fit T-Shirt, Sizes: S-XL, colors: White, Black, and Grey. ($29.99)
  • Baseball-style Long-Sleeve two-tone T-Shirt, Men’s sizes: S-XXL, White with choice of Black, Grey or Red arms. ($35.99)
  • Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt, Sizes S-XXL, colors: Black and Grey. ($44.99)

To order, visit Marco Simoncelli Tribute Apparel at Bonfire.

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