TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot Review | Top Line MX Boot…with Style

TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot Review | Top Line MX Boot...with Style

TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot Review

TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot Review | Top Line MX Boot...with StyleThe TCX Comp Evo Michelin boots are the Italian brand’s top of the line motocross boot, which have been developed through feedback from Broc Tickle (Supercross), Dylan Ferrandis (MX2), and Jacob Hayes (Arenacross).

The Comp Evo Michelins feature a non-booty design with a Michelin MX Hybrid sole, hence the name. The special sole is exclusive to the Comp Evod features triangular micro-sculpture tread, plus both micro and macro grooves to provide durability, stability, and traction. The special tread design is inspired by Michelin’s multiway 3D tread pattern, which is used on their car tires.

The TCX Comp Evo Michelins use a Double Flex Control (DFC) System, which feature an independent ankle frame allowing for flex when needed, as well as protection against hyperextension. Also, the DFC fastening band enables mechanical flex of the ankle for a precise hold. Polyurethane is used in multiple parts of the boot, including the frame, ankle area, shin plate, toe guard, and heel reinforcement.

The inner part of the boot features a rubber heat guard to provide added protection and extra grip. A double Velcro closure system ensures the boots stay tight on the riders feet, as well as four replaceable aluminum buckles.

Putting the boots on and taking them off is effortless. My foot slipped right into the spacious sole area, and the four buckles on each side were easy to secure. After easily adjusting the buckles, I got the fit exactly where I wanted. The boots have a snug, yet comfortable, fit thanks to the gracious amount of padding in both the sole and upper part of the boot. TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot soleThe break in time of the TCX Comp Evo Michelins is non-existent. I could not believe how comfortable the boots were during my first ride.

During the press intro for the Comp Evo Michelins, RCH/Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing’s Broc Tickle said that he came to the Anaheim 1 opening round of the 2016 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series with a couple of brand new pairs to race with. After my first ride in the boots, I am inclined to believe him—there’s no need to break them in.

The level of comfort provided by the TCX Comp Evo Michelins is fantastic. From the moment I slipped my feet in the boots, I was very impressed with the fine balance between spaciousness and snugness. The boots don’t leave your feet feeling suffocated from too much padding in any one area.

The Michelin MX Hybrid sole provides a confidence-inspiring amount of grip in all riding conditions. I run stock footpegs on all of the MX test bikes, and the Comp Evo Michelins connected wonderfully to the stockers. I can imagine they would be even better on a pair of razor-sharp pegs. When putting my foot out in turns and making contact with the dirt, the boots slide along the top just fine.

TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boots - Review TestAdditionally, the soles also offer a great amount of protection thanks to the steel insert placed in the heel area. This is done to ensure maximum protection in case of a large impact. Thankfully, I have not tested this part to the extreme. However, the soles do absorb everything from the softest to the hardest impacts very well and offer plenty of support. The Michelin MX Hybrid soles are replaceable, and offered in five different colors as well.

Cleaning the TCX Comp Evo Michelins after a ride is a breeze. The boots looked brand new after a quick shot of water from the pressure washer. For best results, I used some soap to really bring the boots back to that brand new look. Something I noticed when washing them is that the soles of the boot do not retain small pebbles or dirt, which is nice. This can certainly be attributed to the special tread pattern of the Michelin MX Hybrid sole.

TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot priceZero break-in time is something that all motocross racers will appreciate. It’s nice to be able to take a brand new pair of boots out of the box and take them straight to the track without walking around stiff-legged due to the new-boot  rigidity.

The padded interior of the boots feels like my favorite pair of shoes, while still allowing for enough room for my feet to move as needed. The Michelin MX Hybrid sole is very innovative and performs well while the DFC System provides top-level protection.

The retail price of the TCX Comp Evo Michelins is $570, which is competitively priced with the other manufacturer’s top of the line models. Also, they come in a variety of color ways including the simple black or white and more vibrant color options include red, scuba blue, orange, black-and-yellow, plus red, white and blue, to suit all tastes.

The TCX Comp Evo Michelins are a fantastic motocross boot. I am very pleased with the comfort, protective qualities, and eye-catching look the boots provide. I look forward to spinning many more laps at the track in the TCX Comp Evo Michelins in both style and comfort!

For additional information, visit TCX.


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