Bates Footwear “Bates Brigade”

Bates Footwear Announces “Bates Brigade” Ambassador Program
Bates Footwear

Bates Footwear might be a familiar name to those who have served in the U.S. armed forces, but they’ve also been producing some fine footwear for motorcyclists. So far, the Bates 2016 PowerSports Footwear line has pushed into the street markets with some sneaker-style boots that offer all the protection many motorcyclists demand.

As the brand reveals its new line, it has also announced the “Bates Brigade” ambassador program.

“In an effort to spread awareness for the brand in the motorcycle market, we felt it was necessary to partner with different types of influential motorcyclists who represent our target consumers,” said Julie McCauley, Marketing Manager of Bates Footwear. “We look forward to building lasting relationships with these initial members and more in the future as together we share the Bates PowerSports message of protection, performance and all-day comfort.”

Bates hopes to spread awareness throughout every style of riding, from racing to cruising. To help with that effort, the brand has tapped some professional road racers like Marcel Irnie, custom builders such as Dustin Kott, stunt riders like Alexis Manning, shop owner Austin Holm and a professional photographer by the name of Alex Martino. That covers a lot of ground in the world of motorcycles, so if you believe that you’re in a position to help the Bates Brigade and fancy any of its wares,  visit Bates Footwear.

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