Arch Motorcycle Company Choose Michelin for KRGT-1

Arch Motorcycle Company Choose Michelin for KRGT-1
Arch KRGT-1

Arch Motorcycle Company Choose Michelin

Arch Motorcycle Company Choose Michelin for KRGT-1
Arch KRGT-1

Arch Motorcycle Company has chosen Michelin to be the exclusive tire supplier of the KRGT-1, the brands first production bike to date.

The proven Michelin Commander II, which has become a choice cruiser tire since its release, is the perfect fit for a custom performance cruiser motorcycle.

Arch is a brand that needs little introduction. Founded by designer Gard Hollinger and two-wheeled enthusiast and actor Keanu Reeves, the brand has made waves in the industry since they first released images of the KRGT-1.

The Arch KRGT-1 can be seen a blend of timeless design with modern technology – bridging the gap between those aesthetic worlds to create something that has become iconic to the brand.

“The choice of the Michelin Commander II perfectly fits the high performance of this custom built KRGT-1. Collaborating with Arch Motorcycle on this project demonstrates Michelin’s expertise and commitment to passionate motorcycle owners,” said Ross Shields, vice president of the Two Wheel group at Michelin.

“The partnership brings two brands, which pride themselves on premium performance, together in providing discerning riders an unsurpassed experience for rides intended beyond the local coffee shop.”

The Michelin Commander 2 makes use of a dense, rigid casing, not unlike what you’d find in any performance oriented tire. This allows the rider to get great feedback without sacrificing any positive characteristics. The Commander II is also making use of a new rubber compound that has been designed to increase mileage and still provide performance – something that we all know is a tough balancing act for tire manufacturers.


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