LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle | Meet the Buster + Punch Innovation

LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle
LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle

LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle

 LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle
LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle

The motorcycle world has a keen knack for inspiring collaborative efforts. Whether it’s a home-brewed build with friends or something much more refined, two-wheels can kick start camaraderie like nothing else out there. So, it makes sense as to why Buster + Punch teamed up with Mutt Motorcycles to create the LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle.

 LDN Mutt Motorcycle front look

Now, that might seem like an odd pairing for a build collaboration. Buster + Punch is a London-based design firm that doesn’t aim their efforts at one market. Quite the contrary, Buster + Punch designs stylish light fixtures, doorknobs, cuff links and lastly, motorcycles. The leap from progressive home design to custom bikes might seem like a Snake River Canyon distance leap, but if you take a closer look at the LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle, I think you’ll begin to see some of the similarities.

So what is LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle? At its base, it is a four-stroke 125cc Mutt Motorcycle that has received a custom finish by the London based Buster + Punch crew both in paint and various metal bits. The bike, which has been limited to a 50 unit run is retailing for £4500 ($6,402 USD). Buster + Punch have a design ethos that pulls from the heart of London’s music and fashion subcultures, and I personally can’t fault anyone for wearing their influences on their sleeves. The LDN Born Motorcycle has certain air to it, one that reflects the country that gave us Punk and New Wave.

Massimo Minale, founder of the design firm behind the build, shared the driving purpose for the bike: “For a long time we’ve wanted to build a custom motorcycle for the every man. This 125cc LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle lets you feel like a rock star, during your daily commute and all for only £4,500”

How do you purchase one of these? Directly at http://busterandpunch.com/

While you’re there, take a look around at Massimo’s ware, most notably his Boneshaker 79 and Boneshaker Black builds.

Unfortunately, specs on the LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle are a bit vague, but here they are, as described by Buster + Punch:

  • Weight (Dry) 105kg
  • Seat Height 780mm
  • Engine Single 4-stroke
  • Displacement 125cc
  • Max Power 12hp
  • Max torque 10Nm
  • Transmission 5 speed manual
  • Top Speed 70mph
  • Fuel tank 12L
  • Special Features:
  • 18” wheels
  • Twin enduro Tyres
  • Cross Braced black bars
  • White grips
  • Custom upholstered seat
  • Modified rear frame
  • LED Indicators
  • LED rear light
  • Headlight grill
  • Tinted yellow headlight lens
  • Custom colored rear shocks
  • Custom paintwork
  • Each bike is a numbered limited edition

LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle | Photo Gallery


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