Aerostich Zero Below Zero | Electric Motorcycling in Winter?

aerostich zero fx motorcycle winter riding

Aerostich Zero Below Zero

Aerostich Zero Below Zero | Electric Motorcycling in Winter?
Zero FX before winter prep

With electric motorcycle technology on the rise, naturally, we consumers begin to wonder if an e-bike is robust enough to handle the commuting and transportation challenges of Duluth, Minnesota?

Helping these brave souls is some quality gear by Aerostich – but will it be enough? With a lightly winterized Zero FX electric motorcycle and a closet full fresh Aerostich great, some fearless (or perhaps fool-hardy) volunteer riders have set out to answer this these questions.

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studded winter motorcycle tires
Studded winter motorcycle tires

The plan is to give the Zero FX the full Northern Minnesota “Winter-Beater” treatment – leaving it outside overnight, every night, and then outside while at work daily. This Zero FX will not have the luxury of sleeping in a heated garage, just the cold embrace of winter to keep it company at night.

The only amenities the bike will have are a set of studded tires and heated grips- which given the circumstances, is the least anyone could hope for. The Zero’s battery will have an Aerostich-added warmer to help cope with the coldest periods because Duluth’s typical winter temperatures often dip more than twenty below zero.

Out on the road, test riders will walk out to the Zero dressed down in appropriate thermal layers and Aerostich gear, unplug it and ride off into the snowy sunset. Work, home, errands and everywhere in-between is what the Zero will be doing. Distances from three to thirty miles across snowy, icy surface streets and highways.

Something innocuous as commuting increases the risk for frostbite significantly, which is something we warm weather folks tend to take for granted. So learning to dress quickly, easily and correct is absolutely imperative. Test riders are going to learn just how cumbersome the dance of extra gear becomes and what it feels like to partake in our winter routine.

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