2016 Zero Motorcycles Lineup – Longer Range, Faster Charge

2016 Zero Motorcycles DSR
2016 Zero DSR

2016 Zero Motorcycles Lineup

2016 Zero Motorcycles DSR
2016 Zero DSR

As electric motorcycles become more technically advanced, they gain more and more in popularity – especially here in the USA. One of the global leaders in electric motorcycling, Zero Motorcycles, has been at the forefront of these technological advances. Due to this, the Santa Cruz company has posted record sales in 2015.

Enter the 2016 Zero Motorcycles lineup, which will surely further amp up additional popularity for electric motorcycles. The 2016 lineup of six bikes – including the new DSR and FXS – all arrive with a new powerplant design and more efficient and faster charging batteries. Zero says the lithium-ion cell batteries are the most efficient to date.

Speaking of the 2016 Zero Motorcycles Lineup, Zero CEO Richard Walker says: “2016 marks our tenth year of pioneering electric motorcycles. In an industry where sales are pretty flat and breakthrough innovations hard to find, we continue to experience rapid growth by investing in technology that delivers excitement and a ride experience unmatched by anything.”

The DSR (dual sport) and FXS (supermoto) join four returning models in the 2016 Zero Motorcycles lineup – the Zero S, Zero SR, the Zero DS and the Zero FX. The supermoto FXS arrives with 70 ft/lbs of torque, and weighs less than 300 pounds. As for the adventure-minded DSR, it arrives with 106 ft/lbs of torque and has a top speed of 98 mph.

“The 2016 line is the culmination of a decade of experience and leverages what we do best: create electric powertrains that deliver a thrilling ride,” said Abe Askenazi, Zero Motorcycles Chief Technology Officer. “The technology is sophisticated, but the way the power is delivered is simple and pure. Ride one, and you’ll understand why we are focused exclusively on electric motorcycles.”

2016 Zero Motorcycles Lineup – Z-Force Powertrain (courtesy of Zero Motorcycles)

2016 Zero Motorcycles FXS
2016 Zero Motorcycles FXS

Zero continues to advance state-of-the-art electric motorcycle technology with their signature Z-Force powertrain. The new Z-Force IPM (interior permanent magnet) motor produces power more efficiently, cools more rapidly and has higher thermal capability, which translates into significantly improved performance during hard riding and allows higher sustained top speeds.

Power is delivered by Z-Force power packs with optimized lithium-ion cell technology. The system boasts the highest energy density in the electric vehicle industry. Gains in capacity and efficiency have pushed the range up to 197 miles in the city and 98 miles on the highway (at 70 mph) with the optional Power Tank accessory.

Zero Motorcycles delivers the speed and convenience of Level 2 charging. With the new Charge Tank accessory, riders will be able to take advantage of the rapidly expanding network of public charging stations and charge three times faster. The Charge Tank works on the popular J1772 standard and effectively recharges a Zero in two to three hours.

Zero continues to set the benchmarks in performance, selection and range. As innovation enables the motorcycles to go farther and faster, they are also becoming easier to own.

“We set out to transform the two-wheeled experience for transportation and recreation, and a key part of that strategy is to make our motorcycles available to more people,” said Scot Harden, Zero Motorcycles VP of Global Marketing. “Investments in technology, our experience and continued growth allow us to lower the price of two of popular models, the Zero S ZF9.8 streetfighter and Zero DS ZF9.8 dual sport. The thrill of electric is more accessible than ever.”

Detailed specifications and prices are available at www.zeromotorcycles.com. New models arrive at authorized Zero Motorcycles dealers in November 2015. Motorcycle prices range from $8,495 to $15,995, depending upon model. The Charge Tank accessory is scheduled for delivery in spring 2016 and will have a suggested retail price of $1,988. The range-extending Power Tank accessory is available now and lists for $2,674.


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