BMW Laser Light

BMW Laser Light Presented on K 1600 GTL Concept Motorcycle
BMW Laser Light on K 1600 GTL Concept Motorcycle

One of BMW Motorrad’s technological innovations was on display last week during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas – the BMW Laser Light. The light was showcased on a BMW K 1600 GTL concept vehicle.

To see and to be seen has always been are the forefront of every motorcycle enthusiasts mind. BMW Motorrad has been dedicated to the continued development and of motorcycle lighting units.

Over the years, innovations such as adaptive lighting when in curve, LED daytime running light and dynamic brake light in BMW motorcycles have slowly become the industry standard. And as has been the case many times before, the development was benefited heavily from the synergy effects with BMW automobiles.

In the case of the K 1600 GTL concept vehicle, the BMW Motorrad laser light is derived from a design from the automobile division of the BMW Group. The innovative laser technology has already made its way into the new BMW 7 Series as well as in the BMW i8.

BMW Motorrad has now adapted this technology – which is as established as it is forward-looking – for motorcycling applications. Not only do laser light headlamps produce an astoundingly bright and pure-white light, but they even achieve a high-beam range of up to 600 meters, which is double that of conventional headlights. As a result, the safety threshold for nighttime riding has been pushed that much further, due not only to the increased range but also to the precise and sustained illumination of the tarmac. Thanks to its robust, maintenance-free construction, the rider can have full faith in the product he or she has invested in.

BMW Motorrad laser light has been incorporated in the new K 1600 GTL concept vehicle, as a feasibility test. Additionally, BMW Motorrad is currently testing this technology in a variety of models.

At the moment, the technology is still too cost-intensive for use in motorcycles and impractical for the consumer market. However, it is expected that the economies of scale resulting from their large-scale use in the automobile industry will result in a price structure with a clear downward trend. Hopefully, its use in motorcycle applications will not be staved off by production costs.