Largest Ducati Store in the World Opens in India

Largest Ducati Store in the World Opens in India
New Delhi Ducati Store - the Largest in the World

Largest Ducati Store in the World

Largest Ducati Store in the World Opens in India
New Delhi Ducati Store – the Largest in the World

With five floors covering an area of 29,000 square-feet, the Ducati Store in New Delhi, India, is the largest Ducati Store in the world.

Ducati recently held a press conference there to mark the opening of the largest Ducati store in the world. The event was also the Bologna-based brand’s first official press conference in India since entering the Indian market.

Ducati India Pvt. Ltd is the youngest of 11 official subsidiaries owned worldwide by Ducati Motor Holding. Since opening its first dealerships in Delhi NCR & Mumbai, Ducati says it has received a tremendous response from the motorcycling community. Ducati says its wide range of motorcycles appeals to many different types of riders and enthusiasts.

During the conference, Ducati Asia General Manager of Sales and Marketing – Pierfrancesco Scalzo – discussed Ducati brand history and the range of models available. Ducati India Pvt. Ltd Managing Director Ravi Avalur was also on hand, and presented plans for India’s network, confirmed the opening of a new dealership in UB City, Bangalore in October 2015 and unveiled the the two latest Scrambler variants for the India motorcycle market –  the Classic and Full Throttle.

“In 2013 we began our groundwork in India and our belief in the market has been reaffirmed. This has been possible with great partners such as AMP, Infinity and VST. I have traveled extensively the length and breadth of India, met Ducatisti, felt their passion and know that we will be successful in this country. Ducati will provide the same high standards of service in India as we do every where else in the world,” Scalzo said at the conference held at the world’s largest Ducati store.

Avalur also commented: “We introduced the Scrambler Icon in June and were overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers. Now, we’re proud to unveil the Scrambler Classic and Full Throttle and are confident that motorcyclists will love these versatile machines also.

“Of the two new Scrambler variants introduced, the Classic is aimed at those who appreciate attention to detail and 1970s style, but who don’t want to compromise on riding pleasure and functionality. The Full Throttle version, inspired by the flat track world, is destined for those who want a motorcycle perfect for every-day use and with a distinctive racing style.”

Next for Ducati India is the opening of new dealerships, including in Pune and Hyderabad; Scalzo said the main target for Ducati is to “provide unlimited satisfaction to the customers in India.”