2016 Honda RC213V-S Confirmed for US | $184K, 101 HP

2016 Honda RC213V-S Confirmed for US | The Price - $184K left

2016 Honda RC213V-S

2016 Honda RC213V-S Confirmed for US | The Price - $184K
2016 Honda RC213V-S

Honda’s first MotoGP replica – the RC213V-S – is now confirmed for USA residents. The RC213V-S, which emulates Honda’s MotoGP RC213V that Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez piloted to the 2013 and 2014 Championships, will be available as a 2016 model – but it won’t come cheap.

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Honda says that American customers – the lucky few – will pay $184,000. Honda has not released how many RC213V-S motorcycles will be available stateside.

Unfortunately, the U.S. version of RC213V-S will not be available with the optional close-circuit kit, which truly uncorks the MotoGP nature of the expensive replica. This caused some criticism across social media, but we offer some RC213V-S counterpoints here.

In stock form, the stateside RC213V-S will only produce 101 horsepower – no joke. This is due to a rev-limiter of 9,400 rpm; the close-circuit kit that the Europeans get provides the sought-after 14,000 rev and over 200 horsepower.

Honda says the RC213V-S is a MotoGP machine with “only minimal changes for a street application…closer to a MotoGP bike than any road-going model ever offered to the public.”

“Ever since the modern four-stroke era of MotoGP began, fans have demanded a road-going version of Honda’s legendary RCV,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. “With Honda’s dominance in recent years, that call has become unrelenting, so we’re excited to announce the RC213V-S. This motorcycle reflects the same attention to detail and precision in assembly found in the factory machine. It’s an amazing bike that is sure to be a hit with a select group of U.S. customers.”

2016 Honda RC213V-S Development and Features

2016 Honda RC213V-S Confirmed for US | The Price - $184K leftThe RC213V-S was developed as a collaboration between Honda’s Motorcycle R&D Center and Honda Racing Corporation. The official Honda specs below claim only 101 horsepower for the US model, though we’re waiting on confirmation of this figure.

Honda’s RC213V-S is powered by a compact 90º V4 999cc engine with titanium connecting rods and a sand-cast aluminum crankcase. Mass on the lightweight machine is highly centralized, and it’s race-derived features include an under-seat fuel tank and carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic fairing.

Honda reports that among the components inherited directly from the RC213V prototype are the swingarm, slipper clutch, magnesium Marchesini wheels (17 inch size for the RC213V-S), pressurized Öhlins fork and adjustable footrests and foot controls, as well as most of the Brembo brake components.

In recent years, MotoGP has ushered in huge advances in the area of electronic rider aids, and this is reflected in the RC213V-S, which boasts throttle-by-wire, selectable power modes, engine-brake control and traction control, with position-detection technology developed through Honda’s ASIMO project, Honda reports.

Since its first entry in the Isle of Man TT races back in 1956, Honda says it has “consistently developed machines exclusively for racing toward the goal of creating the world’s easiest machine to maneuver based on this Honda principle, racking up victory after victory in races along the way.”

The new RC213V-S is developed on this principle, but features the minimal amount of changes for road worthiness.

Following is a breakdown of the RC213V-S compared to the RC213V MotoGP prototype.

2016 Honda RC213V-S Confirmed for US | The Price - $184K cockpit2016 Honda RC213V-S Changes Compared to the RC213V Prototype:

  • While inheriting the camshaft gear train structure, a switch was made for the pneumatic valve to a coil spring system (same specs as road RCV1000R)
  • The seamless transmission was changed to a conventional system (same specs as RCV1000R).
  • Steering angle: 15 degrees → 26 degrees
  • Tires: RS10 made by Bridgestone Corporation
  • Front brake disc: Made of stainless steel, manufactured by Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd.
  • Brake pad: Made by Brembo S.p.A.
  • Headlight
  • Taillight
  • License plate lamps
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • Right and left rearview mirrors
  • Speedometer
  • Muffler with a catalyst
  • License plate holders
  • Horn
  • Honda Smart Key
  • Self starter
  • Side stand, etc.

The 2016 Honda RC213V-S will be available in HRC Tricolor or Carbon Fiber, and will sell in America for $184,000.

Reservations for this limited-production model will be taken exclusively through the official model website: www.RC213V-S.com beginning at 3 p.m. PST on July 12, 2015

Honda RC213V MotoGP Prototype & 2016 Honda RC213V-S Specs (Side-by-Side)

Mode name RC213V RC213V-S
Overall length (mm) 2,052 2,100
Overall width (mm) 645 770
Overall height (mm) 1,110 1,120
Wheelbase (mm) 1,435 1,465
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 115 120
Seat height (mm) 830
Vehicle weight (lbs) Over 348 (after racing) 379 lbs. (dry)
Maximum number of riders 1 person 1 person
Minimum turning radius (m) 3.7
Engine type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve V4 Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve V4
Total displacement (cm3) 999 999
Bore × Stroke (mm) 81.0 × 48.5
Compression ratio 13.0
Maximum output (kW[HP]/rpm) (Over 175kW) 75[101]/8,000
Maximum torque (N・m[lbf・ft]/rpm) 90[66]/8,000
Fuel supply PGM-FI (Programmed fuel injection system)
Starter Self
Ignition Full transistor, battery ignition
Fuel tank capacity (L) 20 16
Clutch Dry multi-plate, coil spring
Transmission Constant mesh, 6-speed return
Transmission gear ratio 1st 2.125
2nd 1.647
3rd 1.368
4th 1.217
5th 1.100
6th 1.032
Reduction gear ratio
Caster angle (degrees) 24.6
Trail (mm) 105
Tire Front 16.5 120/70ZR17M/C
Rear 16.5 190/55ZR17M/C
Brake Front Hydraulic double disc Hydraulic double disc
Rear Hydraulic disc Hydraulic disc
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Pro-Link
Frame Diamond Diamond

2016 Honda RC213V-S Photo Gallery


  1. Affording is one thing but what would i do with the cycle.It certainly is a great sale to the right person not me.

  2. The American version of this bike makes no sense. I’m sure it’s a great ride, but the limits they’ve constrained it with keep if from being elite. Maybe they should slide the decimal point over one to the left?

  3. why would anyone buy this 101 hp sport touring produces 114 hp and cost 14 000$
    I would buy the R1M before I would look at something like this
    Is Honda a joke…no but this bike is for that price

  4. f*** the department of transportation or whoever the f*** decided it was a good idea to restrict imported cars or motorcycles. What are they scared of? Bikes already outrun cops… what are you protecting people from, themselves? I don’t own a bike but I’m a fan and the fact that the government attempts to decide what is “safe” for us is insulting and makes us look like a bunch of pussies. Probably because the people who run the country are, in fact, a bunch of pussies.

  5. Samson, Honda simply restricted the rev-ceiling of the RC213V-S as an easy (and easily reversible) way to pass EPA emissions requirements, though we’re sure they’d never admit that. Obviously, Honda and other companies build bikes much faster than the showroom-floor RC213V-S without any problems.


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