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Motorcycle TrackTracker App Review

TrackTracker - For the Data-Minded Track Day AficionadoWe ran into an old friend, Eddie Robison, at our recent UltimateMotorCyling/Jett Tuning track day. Eddie has developed a new app for Android and iOS that ought to be of great interest to motorcycle racers and track-day types. We have not had an opportunity to put the app through its paces but will let Eddie explain.

“The TrackTracker is the first app for Smart Phones or Tablets that is dedicated to helping you go faster at the race track. The TrackTracker allows you to collect, in one place, all pertinent data from track days or even race days so that you can refer back to what worked for you last time you were at that track or event,” Robison says.

“TT stores your lap times, suspension settings, tire info, engine mapping, gearing, fuel, weather conditions, even where you mounted your camera last time out! For track days you can store ratings about your experience with the provider, facilities, pit area and other information that can help you next time.

“You can also store any contacts you made at the event for reference next time. When you want to take the data off line, you can export all data stored as a spread sheet so that you can have a record of it on your computer. The TrackTracker will allow you to get your bike setup quick, just like the pros do!”

I saw this app in operation and it appears to be a good looking and comprehensive tool one can use to keep your data and refer back to it at any time. It even has different fields for data depending on whether you are doing a track day or an actual race. For $2.99 it’s certainly not going to break the bank and just may be the perfect addition to all the rest of your tools.

Available on Google Play for Android devices and at the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Search for it by typing it all as one word – Tracktracker.

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