Zero Motorcycles Expects ‘Dramatic Growth’ in 2015
2015 Zero DS

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Zero Motorcycles says it’s coming of a strong 2014 year with record sales (numbers not reported), and expects “dramatic growth” in 2015.

This prediction can be attributed to its fresh 2015 model lineup, and expansion into international markets. Zero Motorcycles is a strong electric-motorcycle player in North America and Europe, but is now gaining exposure in other countries.

“Two-thousand fourteen was a remarkably successful year,” says Richard Walker, Zero Motorcycles CEO. “From Indonesia to Israel to Thailand—and in our core markets of North America and Europe—riders worldwide are embracing the advantages of our 100% electric motorcycles.”

Zero has also expanded its reach in law enforcement and government-agency fleets. When 2014, Zero was the motorcycle of choice for 10 stateside police departments; by year’s end, the number grew to nearly 50, which includes the Los Angeles Police Department and the Philadelphia Fire Department.

“Our police and authority partners consistently praise Zero patrol motorcycles for their stealth, maneuverability and low maintenance, while the local communities they serve also appreciate the quietness and move to a more sustainable mode of transportation,” says Walker. “We see huge opportunities for continued growth in this area”.

Zero says its 2015 motorcycles recently went into production at Zero’s newly expanded and remodeled factory near Santa Cruz, California. The complete line—four consumer models, three police/authority, and one military spec version—received major upgrades. Zero also licenses its powertrain technology (e.g. battery system, motor and proprietary technology) for other commercial applications.

“Our business is headed in the right direction, and the market is starting to come to us. Recent announcements by some of the larger motorcycle manufacturers—and our own experience—confirms the movement toward electric power is building momentum,” said Scot Harden, VP of Global Marketing at Zero. “Every year our products improve, the market responds and our business grows.”