American Dream Project

The American Dream Project is a docu-series that will begin filming this month that will examine the current state of the American dream as experienced by film maker James Marshall and photographer Todd Williams.

Marshall, who moved from the U.K. to the U.S. some seven-years ago, is out to challenge the supposition that the American Dream is no more.

He and Williams will take a long-hard look at the state of the Dream through a 5,000 mile motorcycle odyssey and the people they meet along the way. It will be the stories of those people, the land, the road and the bikes that shape the narrative.

The journey will be made aboard two Indian Motorcycles – a Chief Vintage and Scout – with the support of a number of sponsors. But the goal is to keep it basic and about the Americans they meet and the stories they have to share.

The open road will take them from coast-to-coast through the heart of America. Beginning in New York, the American Dream Project travels through the Ohio River Valley to the corn country of the upper Midwest, across the Great Plains to the high country of Wyoming, across the Continental Divide to the Desert Southwest, and on to the final destination in Los Angeles.

Starting out with only $250 as their grub stake, the pair plans to work and write their way across America to help remind us all that the Dream is still alive and will never die.

The American Dream Project is a production of Happy Marshall Productions, LLC.

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