Aerostich R-3 – An All-New One-Piece Riding Suit

Aerostich R-3 - An All-New One-Piece Riding Suit

Aerostich R-3

Note: Ultimate MotorCycling is currently testing the new Aerostich R-3. Stay tuned for a review in an upcoming issue of Ultimate MotorCycling magazine.

The Aerostich Roadcrafter one piece riding suit has been redesigned, and the all-new R-3’s versions are cooler-wearing and more waterproof than the original with a host of new comfort and protection features.

The R-3 Regular and R-3 Light version represent the third generation of the original one piece armored textile suit.

These all-new suits are unlined all-in-one comfort and protection systems which are intended for all types of riding, from long distance traveling to short hop urban A-to-B rides and commuting applications.

An all-new zipper technology and over flap design provides greater on-and-off ease with totally waterproof performance. The lightweight highly abrasion-resistant fabrics used are 500D Cordura Gore-Tex (for the R-3) and 200D HT Gore-Tex (for the R-3 Light) and both provide superior all-weather comfort and protection. Just add your helmet, boots and gloves to ride everywhere, in all conditions.

All of the original Roadcrafter’s design innovations and pioneering features remain. These include seven water and draft resistant seam-taped pockets, multiple ventilation zips, a two position collar, and a highly water-resistant wallet/phone/iPod pocket. New with the R-3’s are adjustable impact armor positions at the elbows and knees, collar magnets and a hidden chest pocket mini-carabiner helmet holder.

Inside loop areas are provided for attaching optional accessories such as specialized inside pockets, chest and back impact armor, chest Insulation (Standard and Electric/Heated versions), and always-ready boot rain covers at the shins. The elbow, shoulder and knee armor is position-adjustable for fit, and other mounting areas accept the full range of TF armor, which includes several hip and back pad models.

Dozens of standard and custom colors and combinations are available, including black, red, gray, tan, blue and hi-viz lime yellow base colors. R-3’s are machine washable and available in twenty nine returnable men’s sizes, 36 regular and 38–52 short, regular or long, and women’s sizes 2-20. Custom and optional alterations are also available. All are handmade in Duluth, MN.

R-3: Men’s #520, Women’s #510 $1067
R-3 Light: Men’s #527, Women’s #537 $967

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