Repsol’s Bou Wins 7th Indoor X-Trial World Championship

Repsol Honda's Toni Bou
Repsol Honda's Toni Bou
Repsol Honda’s Toni Bou

2013 FIM X-Trial World Championship

During the penultimate round of the 2013 FIM X-Trial World Championship at Bielefeld, Germany, this weekend, Repsol Montesa Honda’s Toni Bou’s raw talent for trials riding earned him another feat.

Actually, two feats – the Spaniard not only took his fourth consecutive indoor trial round win, he also took his seventh consecutive X-Trial World Championship.

Speaking of his achievement, Repsol says “these seven Indoor titles, together with the six he has up to now in the Outdoor World Championship, confirm Bou as the most successful rider in the history of this motorcycling specialty.”

The 26-year-old Bou now has 35 wins, with the last 20 being consecutive, from 55 rounds.

During the Germany round, Bou dominated the semi-final, finishing with zero points. He followed this up with only receiving one point in the final for exceeding in time. Bou would finish ahead of Gas Gas’ Adam Raga, who received 13 points, and Beta’s Jeroni Fajardo, who received 15 points.

2013-bou-earns-seventh-x-trial-championship 2

Toni Bou (Repsol Montessa Trials) says: “It was a very special round. At the beginning I had some tense moments, but then I was absolutely happy at the end of the round. In the last part I was able to compete with no pressure, very comfortable and thinking only about victory. Facing the last round with the title already secured was great. The bike worked perfectly, as always. Feeling the support of my team, my friends and my family is fantastic. I can only thank them.”

The FIM X-Trial Championship concludes April 12 at Nice, France.

2013 Germany FIM X-Trial Results:

  1. Toni Bou, Repsol Montesa Honda, 1 pts.
  2. Adam Raga, Gas Gas, 13 pts.
  3. Jeroni Fajardo, Beta, 15 pts.
  4. James Dabill, Beta, 25 pts.
  5. A. Cabestany, Sherco, 12 pts.

2013 FIM X-Trial World Championship:

  1. Toni Bou, Repsol Montesa Honda, 80 pts.
  2. Adam Raga, Gas Gas, 43 pts.
  3. A. Cabestany, Sherco, 42 pts.
  4. Jeroni Fajardo, Beta, 39 pts.
  5. T. Fujinami, Repsol Montesa Honda, 34 pts.


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