Rinaldo Wins Gdansk, Poland, FIM Freestyle Motocross

2013 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship NIGHT of the JUMPS Poland Results

After missing out on staging NIGHT of the JUMPs last year, Poland once again rolled out the red carpet for the world’s top freestylers at the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, the venue for the fourth round of the 2013 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship.

Local challenger Artur Puzio entered the fray as the beneficiary of the wild card rule but unfortunately went out at the qualifying stage in twelfth place.

The two Spanish riders making their return to the competition, Maikel Melero and Dany Torres, experienced very different starts to their evening. After Melero’s dead sailor flip ruled him out of the final, Torres qualified in first position with such tricks as the Doublegrap Flip, Paris Hilton Flip and his new Shaolin to Superflip combo. Jose Miralles, the third of the Spanish trio, suffered the same fate as Melero; after aborting one of his jumps, he was condemned to watch the rest of the proceedings from the grandstands.

Meanwhile, the French tricoleur battalion of Remi Bizouard, Brice Izzo and David Rinaldo progressed through to the final with impressive runs. They were joined by Hannes Ackermann who seems to have rediscovered his affinity for the Tsunami Flip.

Petr Pilat, Massimo Bianconcini and Kai Haase also went out at this early stage, but their visit to Gdansk was not in vain: first, Massimo Bianconcini secured victory in the Rockwell Time Race & Style contest, then Haase jumped 8.5 metres to win the Maxxis Highest Air, and finally Petr Pilat joined former kickboxing world champion and Polish MP Iwona Guzowska to delight the fans with a Tandem Flip.

The finale promised to be high-voltage affair: with Torres having emerged victorious from the preliminary round, there was every chance that the top rung of the podium would be occupied by a fourth incumbent of the new World Championship season. But that was the last thing NIGHT of the JUMPs top dogs Podmol, Bizouard, Izzo and Rinaldo wanted to see.

The final got off to an anticlimax as Ackermann ignominiously ruled himself out of contention with a dead sailor. Meanwhile, Izzo improved on his performance from earlier in the evening with a debut Clicker to Superflip combo.

Remi Bizouard then made sure of a podium with a consummate Ruler Flip, but he was ultimately to miss out on the winner’s trophy by one point to David Rinaldo who somehow magicked up a sequence of new triple combos. Libor Podmol battled his way through to third place but had to wait for confirmation as Dany Torres sought to justify his qualifying lead. The pressure may have got to the Spanish rider who disappointed on his first run with a dead sailor. After a botched landing on his Paris Hilton Flip, he knew the game was up and that he would have to settle for sixth.

So it was that David Rinaldo celebrated his second Grand Prix victory of the season, which elevates him to main challenger in the World Championship. Although Remi Bizouard still heads the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship standings on 72 points, Rinaldo and Podmol are both hot on his heels with 68 each.

The NIGHT of the JUMPs season continues one month from now, when the world’s top riders convene at the Olympiahalle in Munich for the third round of the FMX European Championship. The next World Championship points will be awarded at NIGHT of the JUMPs in Basel.

2013 Poland NIGHT of the JUMPs Results, Final:

1. David Rinaldo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    378 Points

2. Remi Bizouard            FRA    FFM        Kawasaki    377 Points

3. Libor Podmol            CZE    ACCR        Yamaha    370 Points

4. Brice Izzo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    354 Points

5. Hannes Ackermann        GER    DMSB        KTM        276 Points

6. Dany Torres            ESP    RFME        KTM        204 Points

Results Qualification:

1. Dany Torres            ESP    RFME        KTM        339 Points

2. Libor Podmol            CZE    ACCR        Yamaha    338 Points

3. David Rinaldo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    335 Points

4. Remi Bizouard            FRA    FFM        Kawasaki    333 Points

5. Brice Izzo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    324 Points

6. Hannes Ackermann        GER    DMSB        KTM        319 Points

7. Petr Pilat            CZE    ACCR        KTM        307 Points

8. Massimo Bianconcini        ITA    PZM        KTM        275 Points

9. Maikel Melero            ESP    RFME        KTM        265 Points

10. Jose Miralles            ESP    RFME        KTM        264 Points

11. Kai Haase            GER    DMSB        Suzuki        249 Points

12. Artur Puzio            POL    PZM        Suzuki        160 Points

Results MAXXIS Highest Air:

1. Kai Haase            GER    Suzuki        8,50 Meters

2. Jose Miralles            ESP    KTM        8,00 Meters

3. Maikel Melero            ESP    KTM        7,50 Meters

4. Massimo Bianconcini        ITA    KTM        7,00 Meters

Results ROCKWELL Time Race & Style Contest

1. Massimo Bianconcini        ITA    PZM        KTM

2. Jose Miralles            ESP    RFME        KTM

3. Kai Haase            GER    DMSB        Suzuki

FIM Freestyle MX World Championships Rankings (after  four rounds):

1. Remi Bizouard            FRA    FFM        Kawasaki    72 Points

2. Libor Podmol            CZE    ACCR        Yamaha    68 Points

3. David Rinaldo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    68 Points

4. Petr Pilat            CZE    ACCR        KTM        51 Points

5. Brice Izzo            FRA    FFM        Yamaha    45 Points

6. Hannes Ackermann        GER    DMSB        KTM        36 Points

7. Jose Miralles            ESP    RFME        KTM        33 Points

8. Dany Torres            ESP    RFME        KTM        28 Points

9. Massimo Bianconcini        ITA    PZM        KTM        24 Points

10. Kai Haase            GER    DMSB        Suzuki        23 Points

11. Maikel Melero            ESP    RFME        KTM        19 Points

12. Gabriel Villegas        CHL    FMC        KTM        16 Points

13. Rich Kearns            USA    AMA        Kawasaki    10 Points

14. Martin Koren            CZE    ACCR        KTM          7 Points

15. Artur Puzio            POL    PZM        Suzuki          4 Points

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