BikeMaster: 7/8″ Heated Motorcycle Grips

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BikeMaster Heated Grips

BikeMaster has released 7/8″ heated motorcycle grips. They deliver heat faster than traditional heated grips, thanks to a highly efficient heating design.

With the elegant, open-end construction, the Heated Grips are both stylish and functional, while staying affordable. They have a five level temperature controller, so you can avoid any uncomfortable temperatures.

The rubber material composing these grips resists the outdoor environment and provides a comfortable and secure grip, even at high temperatures. Two specifications to keep in mind are that they are for 7/8″ Handlebars, and they are suitable only for 12V DC Applications.

To order BikeMaster products, contact your local Tucker Rocky dealer. For assistance locating a dealer call customer service at 877-848-1320 or visit and click on the dealer locator tab. You can like us on Facebook at

BikeMaster Heated Grips:

  • Part # 101922
  • MSRP $59.99