Progressive Releases 444 Series Shocks with FST

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Progressive Suspension Shocks

After more than a decade of ruling the roads with their renowned 440 Series shocks, Progressive Suspension has unveiled another breakthrough design.

This design featured on the new 444 Series Shocks is dubbed Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) for its unique ability to dynamically adjust damping as you ride.

FST is described by their engineering team as like having two sets of shocks on your bike. One set to comfortably and efficiently smooth away those nasty exposed aggregate road surfaces, weather cracks and expansion joints, and a second set to handle the big jobs like drainage dips, speed bumps, bottoming control and cornering stability.

This patent pending technology features frequency sensitive damping circuits which enable the new 444 Series to deliver unsurpassed performance and comfort.

The new shocks feature all aluminum body, deflective disc valving, unique FST circuits and progressive rate springs. Like their predecessors, the 444 Series is preload adjustable by turning the top cap and can be easily set up for your weight and riding style.

Available in black or chrome as well as standard and heavy duty spring rate and supported with a lifetime limited warranty. Contact your local Progressive Suspension dealer for more information, or visit