Am-Mar Tank Towel | QuickShift Review


Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

If you have a premium paint job on your tank, you cringe every time a drop of gas gets on your bike. No matter how careful you are with some bikes, the design of the fueling neck makes it impossible to accomplish drip-free refueling.

Simple, yet effective, the Tank Towel from Am-Mar Innovations spreads a towel over your tank for protection, with a hole for the short plastic fitting for gas nozzle access.

Not intended as protection from overflow, you must be careful when filling the tank. On some bikes, it makes it much easier to fill up the tank at the station, though you must be vigilant when filling at home with a gas can, as you cannot see inside the tank with the Tank Towel installed.

A plastic storage bag is included, so you can bring the An-Mar Innovations Tank Towel along if your bike has cargo space.

The Am-Mar Tank Towel runs around $15; additional details can be found here.


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